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TEFL Interview with Marcus Hatcher

Marcus taking in the view of the Romanian countryside.

Hailing from the UK, Marcus Hatcher has an adventure-loving attitude and plenty of passion for English teaching. Read on to find out about Marcus’ experience teaching English in Europe, finding love and what he’s up to now… What inspired you to go abroad? I have always loved traveling and Romania seemed such an exciting and […]

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America 🇺🇸 ➡️ China 🇨🇳 – Briana Liu Interview

Briana taking a picture with her husband on their wedding day.

Briana, a native of Tampa and graduate in Music Education at Clearwater Christian College, didn’t know that her future path included teaching English abroad in Beijing, China! After teaching herself Mandarin with the help of Chinese movies (impressive!), she knew there was one destination for her: the Middle Kingdom itself. Learn more about Bri’s journey […]

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Sheldon Is Back To Share More Of His Adventures In Japan 🌏✈️

Sheldon, our TEFL teacher in Japan loves local cuisine

We’ve previously talked to Sheldon about his experiences as a TEFL teacher in Japan. He’s having such a good time there that he’s not coming home anytime soon! Let’s hear more about his experiences and how he sustains his life as an expat abroad. We LOVE your photos from abroad—they clearly indicate that you have […]

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Meet Victoria our Traveling TEFLer 🌏✈️

Victoria chilling on the beach

Originally from Liverpool—and armed with a BSC in Psychology—Victoria Bennett has been traveling the world, eating all-the-foods (she’s a self-proclaimed “food enthusiast”), and sustaining her epic lifestyle by teaching English online. Sound like a path YOU want to pursue? Read on to learn more about her journey to becoming an online ESL teacher! Tell us […]

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Why a Non-Native English-Speaking Teacher Can be Better than a Native English Teacher

Many schools around the world will prioritize hiring teachers that are passport-holders from countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. And boy, are they missing out. Not only do non-native English teachers bring a new cultural element to the classroom, but they bring a lot—we mean, a LOT—of expertise and skill. Luckily, not […]

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TEFL Job vs. TEFL Internship

You’ve been scouring the internet for months, idly scrolling through blogs of current and past ESL teachers, daydreaming your life as one of them. Suddenly, a new concept fills your computer screen: “A TEFL internship?… a PAID TEFL internship? What’s that?” No need to rub your eyes or put your glasses back on. Your peepers […]

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