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Teaching & Classroom Tips

25 Tongue Twisters to Improve Pronunciation in English

A teacher teaching kids English

Tongue twisters are a fun way to teach anyone who’s struggling to pronounce some of the more intricate sounds in the English language. They’re a type of articulation exercise that will help your students practice clearer pronunciation of some of the hardest sounds How to teach English with tongue twisters Start reading the sentence slowly; […]

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Sheldon Is Back To Share More Of His Adventures In Japan 🌏✈️

Sheldon, our TEFL teacher in Japan loves local cuisine

We’ve previously talked to Sheldon about his experiences as a TEFL teacher in Japan. He’s having such a good time there that he’s not coming home anytime soon! Let’s hear more about his experiences and how he sustains his life as an expat abroad. We LOVE your photos from abroad—they clearly indicate that you have […]

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9 ESL Activities for the Winter Season ❄️

It’s winter! What a magical time of year—and where better to let the inspiration of the season make its mark than in adding a new layer of fun to your everyday ESL activities. Whether it’s silly songs from your childhood or new topics for discussion amongst your advanced level speakers, there’s something about this cold, […]

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DIY Teaching Resources for Your ESL Classroom

Since you’re basically packing your life away for your grand adventure and TEFL internship abroad, you probably aren’t going to have tons of space to devote to “teaching resources.” Trying to squeeze extra games, cards, books, and educational toys in between your third pair of shorts or your extra pair of socks just doesn’t always […]

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19 Tips & Tricks to Make Your Online English Lessons More Interactive 💻

man relaxing with a laptop, teaching english online

Don’t just go through the motions with the same ‘o, same ‘o lesson plan this week. It’s time to spice up your game plan and really master the art of hosting interactive lessons—even digitally. Just because you’re not sharing a physical space with your students doesn’t mean that you need to drone on for 30 […]

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7 Fall ESL Activities to Swoon Over

The aroma of the recently released pumpkin spice latte is too much to handle. That’s why you need to cave in and bid your official adieu to the summer season (it was a good one, no?). And since your love for all things cozy-and-autumnal is hard to hide—cute boots BTW—we think you should translate your […]

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6 Tips: Preparing for a TEFL interview

two people at an interview shaking hands tefl job

You’ve completed your TEFL course and you’re over the moon with excitement—and not just because you can now teach someone how a phrase like “over the moon with excitement” is an idiom, designed to have figurative meaning. Now you’re looking towards your next step: taking your freshly-minted TEFL certificate and landing yourself a job. But […]

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7 ESL Summer Lesson Plan Ideas ☀️

Now with summer in full swing, these warmer months provide the perfect time to ‘heat up’ the classroom with these fun and adaptable  ESL summer lesson plans. Getting students motivated in the summer can be tough for sure, but armed with creative and engaging activities, you’re sure to succeed in the classroom and celebrate summer […]

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How to Create the Perfect ESL Lesson Plan 💭

ESL lesson planning is a skill that not all future TEFL teachers rightfully appreciate prior to their teach abroad experience. But the reality is, ESL lesson planning—and the skills that come along with doing it effectively—can help you in heaps of future cases, even outside of a typical educational facility or classroom. Yup, it’s true. […]

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