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Say WAT? Meet Chloe White, TEFL Teacher in Cambodia

Chloe White is an Aussie who was looking for a more culturally-rich experience in Southeast Asia than many of her island lovin’, Chang beer chuggin’, fish massage ticklin’ counterparts. Not to knock on full moon parties and relaxing with friends, but signing up for the two week TEFL Cambodia program meant she was going deeper — […]

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Interview with Jocelyn Russell — TEFL in Hand, She’s Off to Japan!

Jocelyn Russell wasn’t game for a full-on TEFL certification and internship program. She had her sights set on the JET Program, aka Japan Exchange and Teaching Program, the government-run initiative in Japan that seeks international teachers to place in schools around the country. Nothing could shake Jocelyn’s dreams of cherry blossoms, zen gardens, and dizzying […]

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Interview with Maranda Andersson — A Texan on the Loose! 🇺🇸

Maranda is a Texas-girl through and through. No, we don’t mean she’s gun-totin’ or obsessed with cattle (but let’s be serious, that beef is gooooood). What we mean is she’s incredibly passionate, hardworking, game for anything, and yes, says the occasional “Howdy!”. All that combined led her on a three week whirlwind TEFL adventure in […]

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Meet Ashley, the Amazingly Awesome Angloville Academic!

Meet Ashley Childs, recent recipient of the Anglo-TEFL scholarship. A young Texan on the loose, it didn’t take Ashley long to fall in love with life abroad as an English teacher. Read on to learn more about her experiences teaching English abroad with a TEFL certificate. Congrats on receiving the Anglo-TEFL Scholarship! How was the […]

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5 Things NOT to Put On Your Resume Before Teaching Abroad

You are tap-tap-tapping away at your desktop, whiling away another afternoon in the office, working on projects that no longer fit into the “I’m feeling incredibly fulfilled by my work” category. You have been at the company for years, and while you are proud of how you have progressed (promotions, baby!), and appreciate the level […]

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My Adventure In Chengdu, China ?

My semester at Chengdu Sports Institute has unfortunately come to an end after 18 weeks of teaching. I’m really going to miss the lifestyle and culture here. I’ve had a fantastic time living and teaching in China, it’s been filled with great experiences! I was very nervous when I walked into my first class as […]

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