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9 Best Things to Do During Your TEFL Internship in Argentina 🐧

Argentina is a country filled with unexpected surprises—and we don’t just mean on the tango dance floor. TEFL interns in Argentina will be delighted by the warm welcome received from the people; the stark, otherworldly beauty of the landscape; and the sheer size and cultural-prowess of its cities. Famous sights, like the Iguazú Falls and […]

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9 ESL Activities for the Winter Season ❄️

It’s winter! What a magical time of year—and where better to let the inspiration of the season make its mark than in adding a new layer of fun to your everyday ESL activities. Whether it’s silly songs from your childhood or new topics for discussion amongst your advanced level speakers, there’s something about this cold, […]

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DIY Teaching Resources for Your ESL Classroom

Since you’re basically packing your life away for your grand adventure and TEFL internship abroad, you probably aren’t going to have tons of space to devote to “teaching resources.” Trying to squeeze extra games, cards, books, and educational toys in between your third pair of shorts or your extra pair of socks just doesn’t always […]

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Teach English Online: 5 Awesome Companies to Choose From

Teach English Online

Teaching English online can be a great—or a horrendous—experience. Avoid the latter by choosing awesome, reliable, trustworthy companies from the get-go. Here’s our comprehensive list of the best and most reliable companies to work for when teaching English online. But first… What to look for in trusted online English teaching companies Regardless of which company […]

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