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Preparing a Winning TEFL Resume

You’re freshly TEFL certified and ready to hit the job hunt—hard. You have your sights set on <insert dream country> and haven’t stopped daydreaming about their <insert tastiest food> since you first heard word of this whole “teaching English abroad and getting paid to travel gig.” Since you’re one giant leap closer to making your […]

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The Best Insurance for TEFL Teachers

Amidst all of your planning for your exciting life abroad—what to pack, when to alert your bank, what food you need to chow down on now because you’re going to miss it like crazy—you might have overlooked one teeny, tiny (but crazy-important) detail: Your travel insurance. Now, before your eyes glaze over, hear us out. […]

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7 Fall ESL Activities to Swoon Over

The aroma of the recently released pumpkin spice latte is too much to handle. That’s why you need to cave in and bid your official adieu to the summer season (it was a good one, no?). And since your love for all things cozy-and-autumnal is hard to hide—cute boots BTW—we think you should translate your […]

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9 Must-See Places while Teaching in China ✈️ 🌏

China, Tourist, Travel

You’re fresh out of your orientation in China and are gearing up for your first week in the TEFL classroom. Eek! All those little eyeballs staring at you in wonderment, politely answering your questions, and slowly giggling and showing signs of connection. You have a lot to look forward to in your new job/internship, but […]

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6 Tips: Preparing for a TEFL interview

You’ve completed your TEFL course and you’re over the moon with excitement—and not just because you can now teach someone how a phrase like “over the moon with excitement” is an idiom, designed to have figurative meaning. Now you’re looking towards your next step: taking your freshly-minted TEFL certificate and landing yourself a job. But […]

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5 TEFL Destinations for Adrenaline Junkies & Thrill Seekers 🏄🚵

travel, adventure, TEFL, teaching, English

Don’t let the teach abroad chapter of your life be a snoozer. Keep your adrenaline pumping—and your heart racing—by filling your precious free time with the most adventurous travel activities out there. If you’re an adrenaline addict, do your bucket list a favor by placing yourself in the heart of a destination who shares in […]

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TEFL in Cambodia and on to travel the world ✈️🌏 Meet Eva 🏝☀️

TEFL, Teach English, Teach English in Cambodia, Asia, Southeast Asia

Namibia native and TEFL teacher extraordinaire, Eva, has had some amazing experiences since landing in Cambodia and catching the travel bug! 🐞😍✈️ This girl knows what she’s talking about when it comes to TEFL and travel, a must-read insight of an amazing TEFL teacher who loves both teaching and learning during her travels! She hasn’t retired […]

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