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How to Create the Perfect ESL Lesson Plan 💭

ESL lesson planning is a skill that not all future TEFL teachers rightfully appreciate prior to their teach abroad experience. But the reality is, ESL lesson planning—and the skills that come along with doing it effectively—can help you in heaps of future cases, even outside of a typical educational facility or classroom. Yup, it’s true. […]

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Best Teach Abroad Destinations For Beach Lovers 😎👙🏝✌️

Teachers on the beach

Do you want to fill your free time as a TEFL teacher abroad with ample beach time? Are you planning to pack your sunglasses, sunscreen, and favorite beach gear (that adorable hat and your favorite novel) alongside your extra pencils, markers, and activity worksheets in your suitcase? Do you dream of lesson planning amidst the […]

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Your Path to Becoming a TEFL Digital Nomad 💻🌎

TEFL Digital Nomad on the beach

Why TEFL as a digital nomad? For many digital nomads, the allure of coffee shop hustles, late night phone calls with potential investors (timezone math, #amiright?), the chance to meet creative, innovative, motivated, and interesting travelers, and the dream of earning money on their terms is tough to beat. But it’s not as easy as […]

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Premier TEFL: The Lean Machine 💪

Premier TEFL had a very proud moment last week; recognising our commitment business excellence. Chosen as one of just three Irish businesses, our Managing Director Rosie Mansfield was invited to tell our case study story at the Lean Thinking Enterprise Excellence conference in Croke Park, Dublin. A beautiful dinner was laid out in the dining […]

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Niamh Carey’s Phở-nomenal time in Vietnam 🍜

Glasgow University Graduate Niamh studied English Literature and Sociology and is now coming to the end of her internship in Hanoi, Vietnam.  She is extremely interested in various cultures and how they can differ from each other so vastly – which makes her an ideal TEFL traveler. Read on to hear all about her Phở-nomenal […]

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🎓Accredited and Regulated TEFL Courses: The Full Run Down

What is accreditation? Accreditation is the stamp needed to authenticate a professional-level TEFL certification. We know it can be difficult to choose a TEFL qualification provider and understand the lingo and jargon that goes with researching your options. Here we will explain what is most important when researching which TEFL certificate is right for you […]

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