Roko 20 Academy

We aim to work with the community to alleviate poverty, educating orphans and children from disadvantaged families.

We run a small primary school in rural Kenya. We educate orphans and children from disadvantaged backgrounds and assist their families out of poverty with small income generating projects.

We are looking specifically for a TEFL trained or Primary School Teacher to teach English to our beatiful children. You will be working with the class teacher guiding her on best practice teaching. We want our teachers to be using the methods you use in their class, so it is important for you to create a good bond and be sensitive to them, helping them improve their abilities.

We have five classes ranging from our youngest pupils beign 3 and our oldest 14 years old.

The position will be purely on a voluntary basis, as we are a charity. Anyway, we will provide accommodation and food. Ideally you would stay for a whole term so that you can bond with the teachers as well as the pupils, but should you want to stay longer we will be happy! Our next term starts on 30 August.

The school is situated 6kms from Murang’a town in the Central Highlands, which is a busy town and has a marketplace, shops, two supermarkets, hotels, one very good hotel with pool, internet cafes, restaurants etc.. Murang’a town  Mount Kenya and the Aberdares National Park are not so far away.

You won’t have to worry about safety issues since the area is very safe. The tribe is mainly Kikuyus, they are friendly and really appreciate what we are doing for their community. This is a great opportunity to see the real Kenya, experiencing life with local people.

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