There are a lot of companies in the world that can get you TEFL certified. Some are bigger, some have more alumni, some offer bare-bones services for a fraction of the cost, some have strong brands. But what ACTUALLY matters when it comes to choosing a TEFL certification program—and what sets us, Premier TEFL, apart from the pack?

This is a question we take very seriously here. It’s our goal to provide top-notch, comprehensive, and well-executed TEFL training and along the way, make a little money to fund our own team’s adventures around the globe (we’re all travelers, here, right? Plane tickets > new couch).

We take pride in what we offer and are committed to working tirelessly every. single. day (…when we’re not traveling… but honestly, even sometimes when we’re on the road!) to ensure every Premier TEFL participant is not only satisfied with their experience—they’re raving about their experience.

We’ve asked dozens of alumni what made them choose US over the competing acronyms of the TEFL world, and we’re honored to share the information and feedback they’ve disclosed to us. Here are five reasons why Premier TEFL is the only choice when it comes to getting a TEFL certificate for teaching abroad.

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5 things that make Premier TEFL great

Our rockin’ reviews

34% of our participants cite reviews as a major factor in their decision-making process. From Reviews.co.uk to GoAbroad, GoOverseas or Google, Premier TEFL reviews are stellar. And you know what? They’re REAL. We invite all individuals who complete our program to leave us feedback and take their insights very seriously—even if it’s not a raving review, we 100% value their comments and work harder to address outstanding issues (and prevent those issues from arising ever again).

It is this transparency and openness to feedback that has made our company great; we don’t downplay the lessons learned and the road bumps along the way. But our knowledge built of a collective 25+ years in the TEFL world and hundreds of alumni feedback has culminated in what you see now: A top-shelf TEFL qualification (that actually goes pretty great with a pour of top-shelf whiskey you’re eyeing).

A 5 star review on Premier TEFL 's service

Our participant reviews are authentic windows into lived experiences. Living abroad can be pretty hard at times, but we’re ALWAYS working to take the sting out—community building, orientations, and regular check in’s are just a few of the ways we help you along the way. And did we mention our partners abroad are really, really good?

Just look at our reviews. You’ll get an idea. 😉

Our variety of courses fit a lot of different needs

Do you want to move to Spain for nine months? Do you want to test the waters with a TEFL internship in Thailand? Are you keen to get certified to teach English online so you can travel the world and work from wherever (side note and general PSA: please put pants on for these virtual lessons). Our course catalog is as thick as thieves, and we’re proud of the course options that we can confidently offer to a variety of future TEFLers.

No one size TEFL course fits all, and if you talk to one of our specialists, they’ll get you matched with the right course for YOU in a jiffy. 25% of respondents agree that the quality and variety of our program sealed the deal in their TEFL choice.

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The price is right

Further, 25% of our participants agree with the legendary Bob Barker—the cost is .

You don’t need to spend multiple thousands of dollars to get set up for a thriving TEFL career, so why would we sell you an overpriced TEFL course? Our goal is to offer a price point where value equals cost. As believers in the greater good that comes from more intercultural exchange and travel, we’re not in the business of making a life abroad inaccessible. That’s why our courses are fairly priced. Now, both participant (YOU!) and Premier TEFL staff (us—planning a vacation because your photos from abroad are so damn beautiful) can feel happy.

Kick-butt customer service

Well-executed customer service isn’t an accident. It isn’t a happy byproduct of a job well done. It takes conscious effort—but it helps when your staff loves what they do. And that’s exactly what we strive for at Premier TEFL: We hire former teachers abroad (the kind of people who geek out about travel like you do), we believe fully in the value of our TEFL courses, and… we throw silly office theme parties regularly.

Premier TEFL team dressing up for Halloween.

We can bust our butts to make new connections with schools in China or get special access to working programs in Chile, and end the day with a giant schooner at the local pub. We’ll answer all of your questions and go out of our way to walk you through the process, but you might get a cute dog meme in your next email from us, too (#justbecause).

We want to make you feel connected and like an old friend, yes—but we also want to make sure you feel like you’re getting accurate, helpful guidance through your TEFL training process. So we’ll crack jokes, but we’ll also make sure you get your paperwork in on time. Our customer service sets us apart because we work on it, we prioritize it, and we know you, future TEFL rockstar, value it.

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14-day money back guarantee, woot-woot!

Buyer’s remorse? Impulse purchase hangovers? We’ve seen ‘em all, and we get it. Sometimes you buy something on a whim and wake up the next day wondering what the heck you were thinking.

Don’t feel stressed about purchasing one of our TEFL courses. Check it out, walk through some of our coursebooks, then let us know if this isn’t quite the right time for this commitment. You’ve got 14 days to make the call. And someday, when you’re more confidently ready to make the leap, we’ll still be here—rootin’ for you!

Enough horn tootin’, we want to hear from YOU

If you’ve done a program with us in the past, tell us what you liked—and equally important, what we could’ve done better! If you’re considering a program with us, we hope that this gives you a little taste of the fun that’s in store.

Premier TEFL may not be the only choice, but it’s a really good one. Make it yours and turn the page towards your TEFL adventure today.

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