Teaching jobs in Honduras can give you the opportunity to see this beautiful country and get paid for it. You might even have the opportunity to learn some Spanish. Honduras, a Caribbean nation that was previously a Spanish colony, is also a geographically rich country. From the classic sea shores in the north to dense forests throughout the country; this place has so much to offer. It also has many biodiversity hot spots which offer a safe haven to a large number of animals and the ruins of ancient Mayan culture add even more to the tourism value of the nation. Since Honduras is attracting more tourists and a growing economy, locals are responded to the need to learn the international language.

Teaching English As A Foreign Language In Honduras

If you like adventure and would like to get a taste of the real culture in Honduras, teaching English as a foreign language is one of the best ways to do it. The demand for English teachers is quite high, especially as the government puts higher emphasis on education.

You can find teaching internships in Honduras online before you travel or whilst you are there. Both full time and part time TEFL jobs are available throughout the country . Be aware that a working visa is strictly needed to take up any kind of job in Honduras.

Most of the English teaching jobs can be found in public schools and universities. The best time to find a job in the educational institutions is between May and August. Private institutions are also a good option to teach English in Honduras and make some extra money while you are there.

Teaching English in Honduras – The Basics

Tegucigalpa and Comayagua are the two largest cities of the country and most of the teaching jobs are found here. Tegucigalpa is the capital of the nation and the centre of learning. The government in this area is putting high emphasis on educating the population, and English has become a compulsory subject. The locals understand that speaking English will give them a competitive advantage and even higher earning prospects. Therefore, if you want to find teaching jobs in Honduras, these two cities are the best places to start with.

Teaching Jobs In Tegucigalpa

The demand for English teachers in Honduras is very high and most of the jobs here come with accommodation. However, the cost of living is quite disproportionate when compared to standard teaching salaries, but with a bit of planning you can easily manage your expenses and even do some travelling around the country..

Teaching English in Schools and Universities in Tegucigalpa

English is taught compulsorily in most of the schools in Tegucigalpa. The average teaching jobs in English schools pay anywhere between $150 and $400, with a teaching schedule of 35 hours a week. This pay is quite low compared to what you would earn in other countries, but is enough to live and travel through this beautiful South American country. Most of the institutions will pay extra to cover your accommodation costs or offer you a room in their premises.

Private English Tutoring

In Honduras the working day for English teachers lasts between 7:30 am and 3:00 pm. If you want to earn some extra money of top of your salary, you can easily find time for private English lessons outside of your working hours. Most expat teachers in Honduras choose this option. Private English lessons are very common in Honduras. If you have a few contacts, it is quite easy to find students and professionals who want to improve their conversational English skills. You can charge around $7 per hour for one-on-one sessions or even small group lessons.

Cost Of Living In Tegucigalpa

The cost of living in Tegucigalpa is high as compared to the average income. A one bed apartment can cost you around $300 a month. The food expenses go up to $150 a month. A one way bus ticket here costs less than $0.40. Although you can’t save up or live luxuriously from the salary that teaching jobs offer in Honduras, you can certainly break even.

Life In Honduras

Honduras is a nation of very friendly and welcoming people. The country might look poor and unwelcoming but you have to be there to understand and enjoy the true culture and lifestyle. In spite of their unprivileged circumstances, locals are keen to welcome foreigners.

Living and teaching in Honduras may not help you save up for your future but it can definitely take care of your stay there, so you are essentially travelling for free, and this country is a must-visit place. It has a rich Spanish history which has an effect on everything from food to lifestyle. When in Honduras, do not forget to visit:

  1. Caribbean Bay
  2. Mayan ruins of Copan
  3. Gracias City

Teaching English in Honduras can be a fulfilling experience for a person who loves travelling and exploring different cultures. If you don’t want to commit to a full working contract, you can always choose volunteer teaching jobs. You could work with underprivileged children and help them learn English and improve their future prospects. In other words, you can change their world.

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