There are 100s of online English teaching platforms. How do you know who is hiring? How much will you be paid and what are the requirements? Plus, what do you do when you don’t hear back…

You’ve already learned how you can pivot your career, now find out where to teach online. Join Melissa for a current and comprehensive review of the online teaching market. She’ll do the hard work so that you can enter the world of online teaching stress-free.


Melissa began her TEFL career in Thailand on a paid internship (and loved it!). Since then she’s been classroom teaching in South Africa and is now an online English teacher. Melissa’s students range from young kids to adults and she has experience with lots of platforms! If this sounds like a path YOU want to pursue, then check out her webinar!

Melissa covered these topics:

⭐what online teaching platforms are there and who’s hiring

⭐which students are catered for on each platform

⭐what qualifications are needed to join different platforms

⭐how much can you earn

⭐what do do when companies don’t get back to you

Tutoring Rate

Becoming an online TEFL teacher is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. It allows you to make money online from anywhere. There is such high demand for TEFL teachers to teach online on various platform. The demand is constantly growing everyday. Here is a handy blog about what you need to know before you start teaching.

In general, for renowned English education institutions or specialized learning platforms (for Chinese students/children/kids), the pay rate is around $12/hour. As for the other online private tutoring companies, teachers can set their own price and charge at a higher rate than these institutions. According to our study, private teachers can charge a $18/hour rate on average.

As for companies that let you set your own rates, if you set the prices too high you may not get much students. So make sure that you are charging a reasonable amount on your lessons. If you wish to charge a higher price, you need to prove that your lessons are worth the price.

Online Teaching Requirements

Online teaching platform requirements that Melissa mentioned in her Webinar

?You to have good internet

?A headset with a microphone.

?Most companies will require you to at least a minimum of 120 hour TEFL certificate

?A quiet working area

?A laptop or desktop

?‍?Some might need a degree and some do not so pay close attention to those that do need one and those that don’t.

?There are many different platforms you could use to teach your own students. Such as Skype, Zoom or even Classin.

List of Companies that her Currently Hiring:

⭐Landi English



⭐Whales English


⭐I Coach U



⭐Amazing Talker

⭐Magic ears



Melissa also takes over our Instagram every Thursday. Tune in to get a glimpse into the life of an online English teacher!


? Did you find these tips about qualifications, pay and what companies are hiring helpful? Let us know in the comments box if you would like to know more about any of these topics? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Live Webinar: Online Teaching Platforms: Qualifications, Pay + Who’s Hiring”

  1. Hi Melissa,

    My name is Claudiu, I’m originally from Romania. My past 8 years I’ve spent them doing my bachelor degree in Denmark in English or working in several other countries abroad.

    At the moment, I have been living in Thailand for more than 1 year and I got to like the Asian culture, more specifically the Thai culture.

    I’m writing as I found this article online and I was interested to get a unique opportunity like you to extend my stay here in Thailand by helping the community to teach English. I think this is a really amazing opportunity for foreigners to mix the pleasure of exploring the culture with work.

    As the current situation is pretty constrained in terms of the possibilities available, I will really appreciate any help or suggestion that you might have in terms of finding a teaching job here in Thailand.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Stay safe,

    1. Hi Claudiu,

      Are you TEFL certified already? If so, you can apply to many platforms to the platforms in this article above. If you would like some more advice from Melissa (the webinar host), you can find her on our Instagram every Thursday. You can also organize a call back with one of our excellent advisors- https://premiertefl.com/callback/

  2. Hi Melissa,

    I am doing the 300 Hour Hybrid-Master course starting this Monday Sept. I believe that puts us in the range of earning $25.00 per hour as per my research. Is that true? I am very curious.

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