If you’re ever dreamt of demystifying unusual holiday traditions for confused foreigners (“Why do you wear green on St. Patrick’s Day?” or “What’s the point of stuffing on Thanksgiving?”) or being the resident expert on the best TV shows available on Netflix in your home country, here’s your chance because overseas English teaching jobs give you the opportunity to do it all.

Every day is an adventure while teaching English abroad. You’ll meet cool people from all walks of life, impact an English learner’s future in bright ways, and be able to jetset to a neighboring city or country whenever next week’s lesson plans are wrapped up.

Even if you can’t explain how to use the infinitive form of the verb when referring to a current action (gerunds???) and Chaucer still doesn’t make sense, you can still teach English overseas. Wanna know a little secret? You’ll likely still know and understand wayyy more than your students as a TEFL teacher abroad!

Here are five teaching overseas jobs hiring now. Go go go!

Students in a classroom

But first—Get TEFL certified

Let’s get real. The secret to finding legit—and well paid—overseas teaching jobs is to have the qualifications necessary to do the job right. That means getting your TEFL certificate in conjunction with your teaching job abroad OR before teaching abroad altogether. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know before getting TEFL certified:

  • There are different program arrangements. You can do a course in-person, online, or a combination. Find the right program for your goals and availability.
  • The most popular and basic TEFL certification is the 120 Hour Course. The 120 Hour TEFL Course fulfills the majority of TEFL employers’ minimum qualifications and includes 120 hours of accredited online training.
  • The best TEFL course is the 240 Hour Course. The 240 Hour TEFL Course includes training in IELTS, Business English, teaching TOEIC, and teaching young learners, preparing you for just about any job on the market.
  • You can specialize. A la carte specialties include teaching English online, teaching for IELTS, and more. Earn these certifications on top of your basic TEFL course to have more focused opportunities for teaching overseas jobs that fit your interests.

5 legit overseas English teaching jobs to apply for now

1. Teach English in Vietnam at a Private or Government School

This Southeast Asia jewel will capture the hearts of more than just foodie-fiends or seekers of sizzling nightlife. As one of the most up-and-coming destinations for finding overseas teaching jobs, Vietnam is a great first stop for budding TEFL teachers abroad. This is a place where you can relax on the beach by morning, ponder French colonial architecture in the afternoon, and unwind with bia hơi and phở on a bustling street corner by night.

The job deets

  • 4.5 months
  • Get hired in January or August
  • Accommodations included
  • Monthly stipend of ~US$700

Vietnam City

2. Teach English in Argentina to Adults or Kiddos

Buenos Aires, Argentina has been a major center for cultural, political, and economic change for centuries. The Argentine capital is also home to a huge music and dance scene, where people come for miles to experience the salsa clubs, swing dance clubs, and milongas (tango clubs).

Its market for overseas English teaching jobs is just as hoppin’. With over 48 barrios to explore boasting boho vibes to riverside modernity, the city is known throughout Latin America for its strong TEFL scene. 

The job deets

  • 6 months
  • Get hired any month of the year
  • Accommodation assistance included
  • Monthly stipend of ~US$650+

3. Teach English in Thailand at Primary or Secondary Schools

Does the idea of walking everywhere, sipping on fresh coconut juice, teaching awesome English courses, exploring beautiful coasts and countryside, and talking to friendly people sound like a good time? Meet your powerhouse country: Thailand

Sandwiched between Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar, Thailand is an accessible country for TEFL teachers with excellent education, quality of life, and a huge student population.

The job deets

  • 4 months
  • Get hired in May or October
  • Accommodations included
  • Monthly stipend of ~US$880+

Chiang Mai Skyline

4. Teach English in Taiwan at a Language School

China often gets the glory as one of the best Asian countries for teaching abroad, but venture further out, and you’ll find this gem. Along the coast, this China-influenced, island nation is a crossroads of cultures and countries. If you want to immerse yourself in the confluence of multiple Asian cultures, meet friends from around the world, and explore a very unique country (by bike, no less!), then we highly recommend finding English teaching jobs overseas in Taiwan.

The job deets

  • 12 months
  • Start in February, July, August, November
  • Accommodation assistance included
  • Monthly stipend of ~US$1,550+


5. Teach English in Romania at a Summer Camp

Did you know that you can find short-term teaching overseas jobs? This month-long opportunity in gorgeous Romania is just the ticket. 

With a strong cafe culture, tons of museums, music and theater venues, and unique design and architecture, this sophisticated country is often ranked as one of Europe’s under-the-radar gems—and not just because you can visit Dracula’s castle. What’s more, the TEFL teacher life is excellent, comfortable, and full of adventure.

The job deets

  • 4 weeks
  • Start in July or August
  • Accommodation at a hotel included
  • Monthly stipend of ~US$250

Romania City

These overseas teaching jobs will not disappoint

Make 2020 the year that you do something big. That you do something that’s great for you—but also incredibly impactful and helpful to someone else. Make it the year that you finally take the leap and find English teaching jobs overseas!

From Taiwan to Romania to Argentina, there’s an opportunity to teach abroad in 2020 that we hope you won’t pass up. Get in touch with someone from the PremierTEFL team today to take your first step towards teaching abroad and start assessing your (many!) exciting options!

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