Discover why Chrystal decided to begin the TEFL abroad experience!

Chrystal is as sharp as her name suggests  She’s truly one of those breathtaking individuals who has an immense clarity as to what she wants from life, and it’s not the 8 am – 5 pm day job. She’s full of energy and ready to take on an exciting career change and tackle the world with her mad TEFL skills

We wish you all the luck in the world on your adventures Chrystal

Chrystal taking a picture with the locals.

1. What inspired you to do a TEFL qualification?

My desire to travel and experience what other cultures have to offer and to have a career that not only offers me autonomy and flexibility but that is also intrinsically rewarding inspired me to complete a TEFL qualification.

After countless hours of research, I discovered that a TEFL qualification was the solution to escaping the mundane life of clocking in and out at an 8 to 5 and performing the same repetitive tasks day in and day out to working in a profession working directly with direct human experiences, fulfilling and rewarding, a TEFL qualification ended up being the best option out there.

With a TEFL certification, I could experience all the best things in life: people we love, places we’ve been and the memories we’ve made along the way all while making a decent living, the flexibility of traveling and career opportunities in my home country and abroad.

2. What made you choose to do a TEFL course with Premier TEFL?

I chose to earn my TEFL certificate with Premier TEFL because their customer service is outstanding. They were prompt to respond to my emails and phone calls. The staff was friendly and always provided a heap of information that helped me not only decide which program to choose but also with making a career and life decision.

Chrystal with friends

3. What are you excited about most for when you start teaching English as a foreign language?

I am excited most about beginning and embracing a fulfilling, rewarding, and unforgettable lifestyle-career.  “Living the dream” all while making the world a smaller place to live.

sunset -tefl abroad

4. Why do you think everyone should do a TEFL qualification?

I believe anyone who is fluent in English should earn a TEFL certification because career opportunities both home and abroad are available. Once you are a trained ESL teacher, you too can begin living your lifestyle-career with an extended holiday to nearly anywhere in the world.  It’s one of few professions that gives back.

Chrystal with friends - tefl abroad

5. What was the most interesting thing you learned while doing the course?

It was interesting to learn that there are proven methods to presenting material that helps language learners retain material such as vocabulary.

Chrystal with friends - dressed up, tefl abroad

6. What’s next for Chrystal? Can you see yourself teaching in the future?

Thanks to Premier TEFL, I earned the qualifications needed to secure employment with an impressive employer. I will begin my journey to Shanghai, China in October 2018. I am looking forward to a rewarding career of teaching, traveling and inspiring others to do the same.

Want to live a Chrystal clear lifestyle?

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