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If you’re searching to find the perfect course to complement your skill-set or advance your career, then you’ve come to the right place! Premier TEFL Courses are one of the best options out there, and we have a wide selection to choose from. Whether you’re a business professional looking to up your game, or a student who wants to broaden your horizons, we have the perfect course for you. Getting a TEFL certification is very easy with Premier TEFL!

Here, we’ll give you a comprehensive overview of the Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) Certification, and explain which courses of ours offer the best TEFL programs. We’ll also give you tips on how to choose the right course, and answer any other questions you might have about getting a TEFL certification.

The TEFL certification is an internationally-recognized certification that proves that you have the skills required to teach English as a foreign language.

There are currently four different levels of TEFL Certification:

  • Certified teacher,
  • Level 5 / CELTA certified teacher,
  • DELTA teaching certificate holder, and
  • Masters in TEFL or TESOL certificate holder.

Each of these levels requires different qualifications and experience to achieve.

To get a TEFL certification, you’ll first need to take one of our Accredited & Regulated TEFL Courses. Our courses provide you with the skills, knowledge, and experience required to become a certified teacher. After completing your learning modules, you’ll then need to pass an online assessment that assesses your teaching skills. Once you’ve completed both of these steps, we will issue you with a Certificate of Achievement that shows that you are qualified to teach English as a foreign language. We at Premier TEFL offer you all the high-quality tuition you need to get started. Our courses offer you the best possible options and prepare you for well-paid positions in the job market.

There are a few different levels of TEFL certification that you can achieve.

The first level is Certified Teacher, which requires you to have completed an accredited TEFL course, such as the 120 hour Premier TEFL Course. After completing each module of self-directed study, you will then need to pass a multiple choice online assessment that assesses your knowledge. Once you have completed these steps, we will issue you with a certification letter that shows that you are certified to teach English as a foreign language.

The next level is a Level 5 / CELTA Certified Teacher. This level requires more qualifications and experience than the certified teacher level, and it takes longer to achieve. However, once you have achieved this level, you will be in a strong position to find higer paying opportunities to teach English globally.

Premier TEFL Diplomas are CELTA-equivalent online courses. After completing your coursework you will then need to pass written assessments that assesses your teaching skills. Having passed these hand-marked assignments, we will issue you with an Ofqual regulated teaching Diploma certificate. Our TEFL Advanced Diploma offers even more specialized options for those looking to teach English in specific areas such as business or one-to-one.

The last level is the Masters in TEFL or TESOL studies. This certification requires an additional year of full-time study after graduating from your undergraduate degree. It offers even more ESL career paths including being an adult educator, curriculum leader, or an academic and instructional design roles.

Teacher training programs vary from country to country and can also change over time so make sure that you do your research before choosing one. With Premier TEFL’s courses, there is no need to worry about the cost or whether you will be able to find a program that meets your needs. We offer affordable, interest-free instalments and flexible teacher training options that can fit any budget!

We currently offer mainly three types of TEFL Courses, they are Online Courses, Virtual and Hybrid Courses, and short, professional development TEFL-Pro Courses.

Online Courses usually have a shorter duration and fully self-directed, flexible scheduling options, making them the best for those who want to learn English quickly and easily.

Virtual and Hybrid Courses are designed to combine self-directed online coursework with some face-to-face interaction in a classroom setting (Zoom), providing trainee TEFL teachers with a more engaging learning experience. Our blended TEFL courses contain 10 hours of instructor-led tuition in small groups of 12. You will take two 3.5 hour sessions on consecutive days with some homework to prepare overnight.

Micro Credential Courses give you all of the tools that you need to start teaching English in specialized areas immediately after completing a TEFL-Pro Course! Develop your niche and boost your hourly earning potential by becoming expert in teaching business, exam English or English through other subjects (CLIL).

You’ll be able to find the cost of these various courses below and also all the benefits these courses have to offer.

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Accredited & Regulated TEFL Courses

Learn specialized teaching skills to progress your TEFL career. Gain certified teaching practice with real ESL students. Boost your earning power and develop teaching abilities that will set you apart from other ESL tutors.

In your career as a TEFL teacher you can specialize in high-paid niche areas that will not only make you more desirable to employers but will also give you the skill-set needed to become an independent English teacher, and work for yourself.

How do Premier TEFL Courses Help Me?

  • Stand out to future employers
  • Certify new teaching abilities
  • Opportunities to freelance teach
  • Increase earnings up to $3,000 p/m
  • Specialize using your previous career experience

Compare Our Courses

Fast Track Icon Online TEFL Courses

If you want to study a TEFL course online, then Premier TEFL is the right place for you. We have a collection of employer-approved online courses that are designed for self-study. On completion you can teach English to people all over the world.

The courses are available in different durations so that you can choose the one that fits your needs. Our teaching methods are modern and effective so that you can easily understand the techniques of teaching English as a foreign language. You will also find our certifications are recognized globally and accredited so that you can use it anywhere in the world.

Personal tutor support
Internationally recognized certificate
100% online learning
24/7 study access & app
TEFL job coaching
FREE Online ESL Teacher Kit
Government regulated (Ofqual)
60 hour Teach Online & 1-to-1
60 hour Teach Business English

120 Hour Accredited
TEFL Course

3-6 weeks
6 Months Course Access

180 Hour Ofqual Regulated
Level 5 TEFL Diploma

5-8 weeks
6 Months Course Access

300 Hour Ofqual Regulated
Level 5 TEFL Advanced Diploma

7-11 weeks
6 Months Course Access
Level 5 Icon Virtual & Hybrid TEFL Courses

Do you want to qualify to teach English without leaving home? Then Virtual and Hybrid TEFL courses may be the perfect choice for you. With Premier TEFL, you can learn from the comfort of your home while earning certifications that will help you land a well-paid job. Add some instructor-led tuition to your self-directed coursework to make the theory come alive.

With our easy-to-follow teaching methodology, on-demand videos, and helpful materials, it’s easy to see why Premier is the go-to choice for countless teachers. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have an experienced tutoring background, our courses will prepare you for success in any TEFL classroom. With Premier TEFL, there’s no limit to where your teaching career can take you.

Personal tutor support
Internationally recognized certificate
100% online learning
24/7 study access & app
10 hour virtual Teacher Studio class
TEFL job coaching
FREE Online ESL Teacher Kit
Government regulated (Ofqual)
60 hour Teach Online & 1-to-1
60 hour Teach Business English
10 Pre-written Lesson Plans
Lesson planning & Grammar eBooks

10 Hour Teaching
Practice TEFL Course

2 days
6 Months Course Access

For those who want to get a great career in foreign teaching or are searching for a better way of living, TEFL is your best bet.

With over 130 hours of training, you will be well equipped with all the knowledge and skills required to become an effective English teacher. Plus, our course provides you with the necessary tools and resources that will help you succeed both personally and professionally.

130 Hour Level 5
TEFL Course

3-6 weeks
6 Months Course Access

The world is changing at a rapid pace. We can no longer afford to sit back and wait for it to change, we have to be the ones who are driving it. If you want to be a part of this change and help shape the future, then premier TEFL is the perfect choice for you. With over 310 hours of classroom teaching experience, our trainers know what they’re doing and are fully committed to making sure you have an unforgettable learning experience.

310 Hour Ofqual Regulated
Level 5 TEFL Advanced Diploma

7-11 weeks
6 Months Course Access
TEFL Pro Icon 30 Hour TEFL-Pro Courses

Do you want to be a pro but don’t have enough time to attend long classes? With Premier TEFL, you can learn specialized and niche teaching topics starting from just 30 hours.

Premier TEFL is a quick, convenient way for you to become familiar with the ESL teaching profession. These courses provide you with an overview of the major concepts and terminology for high demand areas as well as practical instruction on how to teach English for specific purposes. Through hands-on activities and discussion groups in our community forum, you will gain experience that will boost your earning potential.

Your Earning Power

The need for English-speaking teachers is increasing day by day. So, it’s time you get on board and become one of them. We have partnered with various schools and institutions to offer online classes to kids and adults alike. Teach English online with us and make a handsome salary!

Become An Online English Tutor

Up to $35 p/h
As a virtual tutor
How to freelance teach
6 Months Study Time

Teach English as a foreign language! Premier TEFL is a leading company that offers you teaching opportunities across the world. We have teachers and trainers who are experts in their fields. They provide quality education to the students and teach them all the essential skills they need to become successful learners.

Teaching Young Learners

Up to $35 p/h
To tutor 3 - 16 year old
How to engage youngsters
6 Months Study Time

Who says that teaching English is only for native speakers? Not anymore! With Premier TEFL, you can teach English with enthusiasm and precision, whether you are a native speaker or not. We have launched our 30-hour IELTS coaching course to provide much-needed expertise on the exam.

At Premier TEFL, we take pride in imparting quality training that will prepare you for any post-course interviewing situation. We believe in making the course as fun and interactive as possible so that students can get a unique experience learning from their peers and instructors.

Become An IELTS Coach

$25 - $60 p/h
To teach corporate English
In-depth business teaching skills
6 Months Study Time

Spread the Cost. Flexible. Easy Payments

Paying for your TEFL course or teaching internship abroad has never been more simple or easy.

Sign up today with a deposit to get started. You can pay for your Level 5 TEFL course over 30 days in two equal payments or your internship over 90 days in three instalments.

Spread the cost with our interest free, flexible payment plans.

Pay in 2 Instalments

Level 5 Courses • Pay in 2
Spread the cost over 30 days

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TEFL Course Levels Explained

Want to teach English online or abroad?

Premier TEFL courses are trusted by employers and respected worldwide. Choosing a level depends on what you plan to do with your teaching qualification and how much time and money you’re willing to invest in achieving it.

All Premier TEFL courses are suitable for beginners and have a 99% pass rate. Our Level 5 CELTA-equivalent courses are English Government (Ofqual) Regulated and recognized worldwide, giving you access to better paid jobs in a wider range of countries. If you’re tight on time or budget, choose an accredited fast track course and certify to teach English within 4 weeks. Want help to pick a course?

“Every day we get asked ‘is my English good enough for a TEFL job?’ and we like to think we’re a helpful bunch.

So, we’ve devised a test to help you find out. Answer these 11 questions and receive a personalized recommendation for what TEFL course is best for you.

If you are a native or fluent (C2 or above) English speaker, we would recommend a Level 5 or Hybrid TEFL Course to give your earning power the greatest boost in this booming, yet competitive market.


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