190 Hour Professional Online Expert
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This course includes:

120 hour accredited online training
Two TEFL-Pro short courses
Specialize in teaching children
Specialize in teaching online
10 hours virtual Teaching Practice
Internationally recognized certificate
Expert DELTA qualified tutors
Letter of reference
Friendly job hunting advice
Flexible study schedule
Study using the TEFL app

190 Hour Professional Online Expert

Fast Track: International Standard
Time to complete: 4-6 weeks
Tuition fee: £539.00 £185.00


English language minimum level: Fluent.
At least an international standard of intermediate or advanced fluency: B1

What will you learn?

Teach the four key areas of language acquisition: reading, speaking, writing, pronunciation

Plan and deliver effective lessons that meet student and class learning objectives

Understand the nuances of teaching English to non-native speakers

Grasp English grammar terminology and know how to teach it to students of all levels

Manage a virtual classroom and student behaviour effectively

Find and create effective learning materials, text-based and digital to target language use

Use social media to engage students, from TikTok to Twitter, Facebook to Buzzfeed

Grow in confidence as a new teacher to be able to enter your first class

Search and find the best jobs with online platforms or as a freelance teacher

About this course

The course combines four learning units including virtual teaching practicum. The hybrid tuition is delivered through a mix of online self-study plus Teacher Studio sessions via Zoom. With the flexi-date option you can book this course today and decide later on when to attend your teaching practice.

When choosing the dates to attend the live Teacher Studio, remember that this is a self-contained unit and you can attend at any point in your studies whether you have completed any of your coursework or not. Many learners tell us in feedback that they loved to take this class at the beginning of their TEFL training.

On completion of this certification, you will have learned how to enter your first online English teaching lesson well prepared and confident. Not only that, you will have planned, prepared and delivered two real virtual lessons with invaluable tutor and peer feedback. This 190 hour Professional Online Expert training program is packed with teaching information and practical guidance.

PLUS! Become a TEFL-Pro with two in-depth specialist courses which cover 2714 - 300 Hour Hybrid Master TEFL Course with Teaching Practice Teaching English online 2714 - 300 Hour Hybrid Master TEFL Course with Teaching Practice  Teaching children (aged 3 – 16 years old).

Gain your TEFL certification in as little as 4 weeks and enjoy access to your course materials for 6 months.

Small class size ⭐  

Intensive teacher training succeeds in small groups. We’ve found the magic number to be 14. You’ll feel safe to learn and grow and get personal guidance when you need it.

Premier TEFL accreditation

TQUK (Training Qualifications UK)
Licence number: 1709191
ACDL (Accreditation Council
for Distance Learning)

120 hour Advanced TEFL Course


Modules One-Three:

Module One: How to Make Sense of Teacher/Learner Needs

Understanding your students language abilities and why they want to learn English. Get to know the basic principles behind TEFL teaching.

Module Two: How to Understand and Use Grammatical & Teaching Terminology

By the end of this module, you’ll know your present continuous from your present simple tense no problem. Most of all, you’ll be familiar and confident with grammatical terms. We know that grammar can be intimidating for new teachers – it won’t be at the end of module 2!

Module Three: How to Plan Your Syllabus and Lessons

Being the best teacher you can be is down to planning. On this course you’ll get the planning techniques that will not only save you time but will ensure that your lessons run smoothly. You’ll gain students’ respect which of course is great for reviews (especially when you are teaching online).


Modules Four-Six:

Module Four: How to Teach Grammar

Now that you know grammatical terms, you’ll fly through this module on how to teach it. Breaking down your students’ English levels, you’ll know which grammatical term to teach and how to teach it. You’ll get so much useful information about how to prepare engaging grammatical building block lessons which work. Watching your students progress will be so exciting!

Module Five: How to Teach Vocabulary

Did you know that there are around 171,000 words in the English language? Don’t worry, you’ll only be asked to teach a few hundred of those! From beginner restaurant vocab like, HELLO, GOOD, NAME, PLEASE to advanced business such as, UNIVERSITY, OPPORTUNITY, OVERSEAS. You’ll study the tools to teach vocabulary and use them effectively so that your students can use it in the right context.

Module Six: How to Teach Pronunciation 

Help your students speak English confidently by practicing pronunciation. This is the primary reason that they want to learn English from you. As a native speaker pronouncing a word like ‘enough’ is simple for you, not so with many other nationalities. On this course you’ll learn modern techniques to help your students sound as fluent as possible.


Modules Seven-Ten:

Module Seven: How to Teach Reading & Listening Skills

These are called ‘receptive skills’ because the student is receiving language. By the end of this lesson, you’ll know the most effective ways to engage students in reading English and how to write it. This includes setting listening tasks to music, radio and recordings, to reading letters, emails, facebook posts both inside and outside the classroom. Oh yes, you’ll be setting a lot of homework for your students!

Module Eight: How to Teach Writing & Speaking Skills

These are called ‘productive skills’ because students produce language. You’ll learn plenty of useful ideas about how to get your students up on their feet and chatting to you about hobbies, politics or story-telling. You’ll also get help with how to teach your students to write English – at all levels, from favorite foods, to the economy in Spain.

Module Nine: How to Teach English for Specific Purposes

Your students have a reason why they want to learn English. You’ll learn how to differentiate these different types of students and how to tackle their lessons. For example, how to teach teenagers, or business people or exam classes to help students get into universities in the USA or UK. You’ll end lesson 9 armed with a breadth of knowledge about who you are teaching, why you are teaching them and what you should teach them.

Module Ten: How to Move from Learning to Earning

Here you’ll get up-to-date tips on the current employment market. Once you’ve secured your first job, in this module you’ll receive details about how to get the best career ‘teacher’s toolkit’ ready to jump into any job online or abroad.

Specialist course content and units


Unit 2 - How to Teach Young Learners

Teaching young minds is probably one of the most satisfying jobs you’ll do. The demand for your know-how will be vast. You could find yourself teaching online from home on one of the many platforms hiring 1000’s of teachers monthly. If your sights are set abroad, then schools across the world will be eager to employ you. Why? Because they have thousands of students on their books who need English teachers.

Over five jam-packed modules you’ll learn how to optimize real or virtual classroom techniques  and management skills to educate eager young minds. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Teaching grammar and vocabulary.
  • Teaching reading and writing.
  • Teaching listening and speaking.
  • Lots of FUN and ENGAGING activities for 3-16 year olds.

Unit 3 - Teaching English Online

FACT: There are currently around 1.5 billion people learning English around the world. Which means that the demand for people who are qualified to teach English, and confident to tutor students online is now one of the fastest growing markets in the (already) booming English language learning sector.

This How to Teach English Online course will really help you to become a TEFL-PRO in the virtual world. At the end of this course you’ll learn how to teach remotely and what options you have when it comes to freelancing or teaching independently. This could be one-to-one or small group sizes.

This six module course is packed with creative content to make you a competent online English teacher and covers:

  • How to teach the four skills in a virtual setting (reading, writing, listening and speaking).
  • Methods for keeping students engaged in a remote classroom.
  • Considerations for being employed or working independently.

Unit 4 - Virtual Teaching Practicum

Over two 3-hour workshops in the Teacher Studio with a DELTA-qualified teacher trainer you will put theory into action during this dynamic peer-to-peer teaching practice module.

Be part of a new teaching community, prepare and teach lessons together with classmates from around the world and get invaluable live feedback from your tutor.

You receive lots of dedicated tuition with our 14-person small groups. Session dates are added every month to give you flexibility.


Dates Time Availability
Wed 19th & Thurs 20th May 2021 5:30pm - 9:00pm 3
Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd May 2021 9:30am - 1:00pm 4
Wed 26th & Thurs 27th May 2021 5:30pm - 9:00pm 2
Wed 2nd & Thurs 3rd June 2021 5:30pm - 9:00pm 3
Tue 8th & Wed 9th June 2021 12:30am - 4:00am 4
Wed 9th & Thurs 10th June 2021 5:30pm - 9:00pm 3
Sat 12th & Sun 13th June 2021 9:30am - 1:00pm 3
Tue 22nd & Wed 23rd June 2021 12:30am - 4:00am 3
Wed 30th June & Thurs 1st July 2021 5:30pm - 9:00pm 4
Tue 25th & Wed 26th May 2021 12:30am - 4:00am 4
Tue 25th & Wed 26th May 2021 12:30am - 4:00am 4
Tue 20th & Wed 21st July 2021 12:30am - 4:00am 4

Preview your certificate

Take a look at your future
Regulated TEFL Certificate
Certificate ID Any employer can verify your certificate number when they enter it HERE.
This world-beating system is used often by schools to ensure new teacher authenticity.

Two real-time workshops to practice exercises with your peers, prepare and teach lessons together and get live feedback from your tutor.

This practicum is important hands – on verifiable experience.

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Verified Student Reviews

14:50 17 May 21
I did a 30 hour online tutoring specialization course and got it at an unbeatable price and received a free Advanced Grammar book. I also appreciate the ongoing support from Premier TEFL and special invites to online seminars and podcasts on TEFL life abroad and overall tips for teacher success. Special thanks to Sandra Lane for helping with the processOne thing I would have loved to have included upon completing is a 30 - 45 min online teaching practice session to prepare for work. But these are usually extra. Would've also liked to go a bit deeper in online teaching preparation.
Jovanka G.
Jovanka G.
21:33 15 May 21
My experience with them is that, no matter whether you are taking one of their courses or not, they are very kind and helpul.
Melina G.
Melina G.
15:41 22 Apr 21
I took the English for Business course and I loved it. It´s very complete and clear. Not only do they explain everything but also they give you external resourses that you can check. I really recommend it.
R.J. C.
R.J. C.
15:15 21 Apr 21
I signed up for the Level 5 TEFL course with Premier TEFL and must say I am impressed with the information it provides. Sarah was very instrumental in my decision in helping me to choose the course which would be most beneficial to me and I appreciated the guidance she provided. I have found the courses to contain a lot of information which will support me when I start to teach and I must say, I am excited to do so! What I also appreciated also were the extra resources that were listed in the lessons for things that interested me more or that I felt warranted more learning. For anyone looking to enter the EFL world, I would definitely recommend Premier TEFL. Happy Teaching!
Gemma J.
Gemma J.
17:05 20 Apr 21
Brilliant learning platform. The layout is easy to use and the content is very professional and interesting.
Dr. P.
Dr. P.
14:18 16 Apr 21
Great price, great materials and user-friendly interface
Carol W.
Carol W.
15:13 10 Apr 21
I Inquired on Chat regarding a teaching practicum. While the practicum did not cover what I was looking for, the chat person provided me with some other links within Premier. That was generous and kind.
Aaron M.
Aaron M.
01:20 05 Apr 21
I'm not far into the course but as of yet it seems lengthy and comprehensive.I'm doing the 168 hour level 5 TEFL, it does in fact seem to take around 168 hours to complete and is great value for the money.I've been contacted several times so far by Premier TEFL staff, wishing warm welcomes and it seems quite supportive (although I have yet to ask for support).So far so good, I'm happy to be studying this course and will likely enter another course with them after this one.

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