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Teach English in South Korea

Want to experience one of Asia’s roaring tigers? Get lost wandering around all the pretty palaces in the sizzling sunshine? Then a TEFL job in South Korea is for you!

Demand for TEFL Teachers and Private Tutors
Demand for TEFL teachers is quite high. There is demand for both North American and British TEFL teachers for their expertise in the language. Seoul, Daeju, Ulsan and Busan are where the majority of jobs are located.

Seoul has high demand in particular as it is the economic hub of South Korea but TEFL jobs are very competitive there so if you are inexperienced you are more likely to be successful in the other large cities. Having a TEFL certificate certainly gives you the edge when teaching in South Korea.


Travel and Professional Requirements for Teaching
In South Korea you will require at least a Bachelor’s Degree to teach, and a TEFL certificate in order to teach in a public school. To travel to Korea to live and work you will require an E­2 Visa.

Average Salary

Depending on experience, a TEFL teacher can expect to earn between $1200­ – $1400 per month.

Cost of Living

Currency: Won ($1=1,190 Won)
Grocery costs per week: Around 35000 Won or $30
Light and Heat Costs per month: 156,000 Won or 130$
Public Transport Ticket Costs: A return ticket for city transport can be quite cheap at around 2200 Won (less than $2) with intercity rail transport being reasonably priced.

Expected Teaching Contract

A contract in a South Korean teaching organisation if normally for the duration of 1 Year. In the major cities of Seoul, Busan and Daeju you can expect to find jobs in public and private schools, kindergartens, larger businesses as well as Summer and Winter English language camps.


During the hot and sticky Korean Summer these beaches can be a lifesaver. The weather remains cooler and drier throughout the rest of the year.

Having Fun

For fun in South Korea, you can always try the fantastic nightlife to be found in the waterfronts of Seoul and Busan. South Korea is also full of great beaches to relax on. Korea is also a paradise for lovers of computers and technology and boasts almost countrywide wireless network access. For the best in Korean food, you should try a nice bowl of Kimchi along with your noodles or rice.

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