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Teach English in Japan

Are you interested in enjoying life with high technology and entrancing traditions? You will discover a lot of things you can’t even imagine! With a TEFL certificate you can now start your adventure in Japan while teaching English! Japan is one of the safest and most liveable countries in the world, so let’s all go to Japan!

Demand for TEFL Teachers and Private Tutors
In large urban areas like the demand growing for English language teachers. Most private language schools ask for teachers certified with TEFL, TOEIC or IELTS certificates. Placements will be in or near large urban areas such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Yokohama.

As Japan begins to interact more with other world cultures demand will continue to grow as parents wish for their children to have higher levels of English and other foreign languages


Travel and Professional Requirements for Teaching
A bachelor’s degree is essential for being private tutor or an English teacher. A Visa is also required if you are from outside of Japan although some organisations offer sponsored Visas for foreign language teachers.

Average Salary

Teaching as a TEFL teacher in Japan earns you $2000-­$2200 a month depending on experience for public schools, while private schools offer around $10 an hour.

Cost of Living

Name of Currency: Yen (Dollar Exchange Rate $1=120 Yen)
Essential Groceries Costs per week: $25
Light and Heat Costs per month: $165
Public Transport Ticket Costs: $3.50 return city bus ticket.

Expected Teaching Contract

Contracts can run for a year and are renewable. Jobs can be found in private and public schools, corporations and summer camps with students in primary education, private school and businesses.


Japan experiences sweltering hot summers and freezing winters with warm springs and mild autumns.

Having Fun

Nightlife in the cities can be exhilarating and busy while countryside towns and villages offer a retreat from the heavily populated areas as well as some beautiful mountainous places to tour. The most famous would probably be Mt. Fuji which is well known for its snow capped peak. Many seasonal festivals still take place in the country from Spring’s parades to fireworks in Autumn.

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