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Teach English in France

Have you dreamt of living the French lifestyle? Become a TEFL teacher in France and immerse yourself in French culture. Learn how to maintain a proper work­life balance, get healthier eating habits, spend more time outdoors, get more confident and make a lot of French friends in this amazing country of beauty and mystique!

Demand for TEFL Teachers and Private Tutors

There is a high demand between June and August – French people are on holidays and send their children to English summer camps and English language school.

There’s a high demand for business English as it is a government requirement that companies invest at least 1.5% of their revenue on training employees to learn English.
Cities like Paris, Lyon and Montpellier have huge demand for TEFL teachers.



Travel and Professional Requirements for Teaching

A minimum of a TEFL/TEFOL certificate is needed to teach in Public or private schools. Some require a Bachelor’s degree too and a lot of jobs require that you have previous teaching experience. Non EU citizens require a Visa to work in France before they enter the country so documents need to be arranged months in advance.

Average Salary

A TEFL teacher in France can expect to earn between $1500 and $1600 per month while private tutor can expect to earn $30 an hour.

Cost of Living

Name of Currency: Euro (Dollar Exchange Rate $1=€0.93)
Essential Groceries Costs per week: $30
Light and Heat Costs per month: $160
Public Transport Ticket Costs: $3.50

Expected Teaching Contract

A contract can run between 9 and 12 months with an educational organisation. Business English is particularly in demand as businesses are compelled to invest in English language teaching in France. Kindergartens and privates schools are also looking for candidates to employ to teach English.


France is a great place to enjoy great medieval cities and the rolling French countryside. The weather is quite pleasant year round with warm summers and cold winters.

Having Fun

Apart from some fantastic food, especially cheese, wine and meat dishes which can all be enjoyed to the fullest in a French restaurant.

Nightlife is buzzing in the bigger cities while smaller towns have cosy bars to enjoy a drink in. For things to see you can of course tour around cities like Paris and its many attractions.


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