Tilly, we’ve been following you on Instagram and it looks like you’re having an amazing time. Tell us, why Spain? Had you ever been there before or even traveled much?

I have always wanted to live in another country and fully embrace the culture and language. I love traveling to Spain, including the Balearic and Canary Islands, every year on holiday, and so it seemed the perfect option for me.

It has one thing all year round that England does not; the sun! However, the only place in Catalonia I had been to before moving here was Barcelona, and wow! What a beautiful place Catalonia is.

Tilly taking the amazing view of the bay.

Did you experience any culture shock when your first arrived? How did you adjust? What’s your top tip for overcoming it and settling into life in Spain?

The night I arrived in Figueres to meet my host family for the first time, I put my suitcase down and headed straight up a mountain for an annual camping festival. Talk about culture shock!!

I started as I meant to go on, though, and have thrown myself into every experience offered to me since!

Tilly visiting the historical sites

When you decided to teach English abroad, what made you choose Premier TEFL? It was a pleasure to work with you, we hope you feel the same

Premier TEFL have been fantastic to work with. From my very first enquiry email, they have been prompt and helpful, guiding me with full support throughout the process.

Not only do you receive the qualification, but a direct segway to the internship programme itself. Thank you!

Tilly visiting all the Spanish tourist sites.

What do you wish you knew before moving to Spain? What advice would you give to someone who wants to move there?

I wish I knew what a great experience it would turn out to be – I would have done it sooner! I have learnt to trust the process and enjoy adapting to the Spanish lifestyle!

Tilly chilling on the beach.

What’s a typical day in the life of Tilly in Spain like? Give us a runthrough

Morning: Wake up at 6.45am. Make a much needed coffee and have breakfast before walking to school at 7.30am.

Afternoon: I finish school at 1.30pm, and head to the families house for lunch at 3pm.

Evening: Some days I tutor the family and teachers from the schools. Take a walk around the town centre and meet up with the other CAPS in my city for coffee and a catch up!

Night: I eat a light dinner usually around 9/9.30pm, catch up with my family via FaceTime, and go to sleep around 10.30pm (I need my beauty sleep!!)

Tilly walking though Barcelona at night.

What’s unique about the programme? What’s unique about your experience so far in Spain?

I teach across 3 different high schools in Figueres, and so each day brings new challenges. I am very lucky to have all afternoons off, which allows free time before and after lunch with my host family.

The job itself is unique as I pretty much have free reign with what I work on with the students to make learning English as fun and interesting as I can!

Sun rising in Spain

What are the top three things EVERYONE should do when in Spain?

  1. Travel at the weekends! Each town is completely different and offers wonderful views, landmarks and history.
  2. Hike the mountains! There are so many gorgeous views from the tops of the mountains here that are so worth the sweat!
  3. Learn the language! Take the time to learn important words and phrases, enough to be able to converse with a local and make new friends.
A rocky shoreline in Spain.

Have you taken part in any fiestas? We love a good fiesta

Every family birthday is a perfect excuse for a fiesta! It has been a great way to get to know everyone in my host family.

 Fiesta taking place at night.

What’s next for Tilly? Travel? More teaching? Another TEFL adventure perhaps?

My background is acting and Theatre, so I would love to join a TIE (Theatre in Education) troop travelling Europe and bringing English into schools through theatre. I have considered another TEFL adventure, though!

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