Hailing from the UK, Marcus Hatcher has an adventure-loving attitude and plenty of passion for English teaching. Read on to find out about Marcus’ experience teaching English in Europe, finding love and what he’s up to now…

What inspired you to go abroad?

I have always loved traveling and Romania seemed such an exciting and interesting country to visit! I was looking for a different way to spend the summer and couldn’t have found a more enjoyable way of doing it.

Marcus walking through the Romanian countryside.

What made you chose to do a scholarship with Premier TEFL?

I actually discovered the company on the internet. I previously had taught English before, during my CELTA course but that was more than 2 years ago so I was looking for a way of getting back into teaching and it was definitely an easy and well organised stepping stone for doing so.

Marcus eating lunch with the rest of teachers.

What’s was you favourite part of working as an ESL teacher?

I really enjoy seeing the progress of the students throughout the time that you know them. Developing relationships and good rapport can be very rewarding. Although it seems a lot of work, planning lessons and organising activities and can be great fun and really helps to develop your experience as a teacher.

Marcus showing off his dance moves with the rest of the teachers.

What are two interesting things about Romania that the average person wouldn’t know?

️ Romania’s Parliament palace is the heaviest building in the world…

And its language (spoken by approx 24–26 million people) is 1,700 years old!

Marcus hiking through the forest with a few of his students.

What made your teaching experience in Romania unique?

The group I was a part of became very good friends, we all bonded very well and we are still in touch. There was a girl I met from Scotland called Claire, It was love at first sight and now 8 months on we live together in London!

Students doing arts and crafts.

What did you learn about yourself while in Romania?

I learned you only get out what you put in. Sometimes planning lessons and organising our days seemed a lot of work but it was so rewarding to see a lesson come together or have a student thank you for a great day.

A view of above a Romanian town.

What’s next for Marcus? Can you see yourself teaching in the future?

Yes! I now have a job in London as a tour guide/EFL teacher through a company that arranges Spanish school trips to visit London. I love teaching and I’m very grateful for your help in getting me back (on the teaching saddle). I highly recommend using Premier TEFL to start your teaching career.

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