For those of you who aspire to teach English in Europe, Italy is a popular choice. It caters for all tastes, whether you choose to embrace the culturally rich and cosmopolitan nation by visiting the many historic sites, sampling authentic pizzas and cappuccinos by the river, engages in some extreme sports in the Alps or simply dream of exploring the many narrow sidestreets on a Vespa, you really won’t be stuck for choice.

Unsurprisingly, jobs are relatively hard to obtain and there’s vast competition to teach English in Italy. However, efficient TEFL teachers shouldn’t be put off by this fact as Italian businesses and educators view English as the key tool to increase job opportunities, this has resulted in the TEFL industry in Italy increasing every year.

Italy is known to lag behind their European neighbours in terms of English fluency and this can be traced to the low level of English teaching in the public schooling system so the vast majority of TEFL jobs in Italy consist of privately run schools, where Italians who are serious about learning English sign up.

Where to teach English in Italy


The Bari locals like to Boast that “if Paris had a sea then it would be a little Bari”. This exaggerated claim is probably formed on sheer pride and bias but it is an incredibly attractive city, one which is steeped in history, has untouched architecture and boasts a strong catholic culture. It is also a university city so there is plenty of opportunities for TEFL jobs in Bari.


As one of Europe’s leading industrial and business cities, it has a lot to offer; the Italian stock exchange is situated there, and it is home to the esteemed Alfa Romeo brand among other highly established companies.

Not forgetting that it is also Europe’s fashion capital, with leading fashion houses partaking in twice-yearly fashion shows that gain both global exposure and generate massive revenue for the country. It also has fashion lovers flocking here all year round.

All of this equates to Milan being quite the booming economic city which results in massive opportunities to teach English in Milan.


Otherwise known as “the eternal city”, perhaps a reference to the fact that it dates back to 753 BC, Rome certainly is a popular choice not just nationally but globally. As well as offering an extensive range of cultural experiences; Rome can be seen as being the education hub of Italy with various language and education centres located there. This makes it even more appealing as a TEFL destination in Italy and Europe.

Wages and Cost of Living

Depending on your qualifications and your experience, how much you can earn whilst teaching in Italy can vary greatly. Generally, wages can be between €800 and €1500. A full-time position in a private school can ensure your wages are at the upper end of the scale. Like the majority of European countries, the cost of living is going to be greater when you live in cities. If it is city living you are looking for then it is important to note that southern Italy is more affordable than the more developed and affluent northern Italy.

So, if you want to get a glimpse of “La Dolce Vita”, then maybe a TEFL job in Italy is for you.

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