Got years of teaching experience? A law degree? Maybe you’ve picked up some great transferable skills throughout your past careers. Don’t segment yourself to one area, change is always possible. You can use your existing skillset to pivot your career!

Pivot Your Career with Rosie

See the webinar recording below or click to view ?

Rosie has an impressive business career spanning 10+ years in the ESL training
field. She has seen the industry evolve over the past decade and her expertise is second to
none. Her passion for travel and exploration is infectious with Vietnam being her top travel spot!

Watch her live webinar where she spoke about:

⭐how to pivot your career, skills, and experience to teach English as a foreign language. 

⭐learning how to TEFL online or abroad, almost anywhere in the world, and answered your questions live!

See below for a small insight into what Rosie discussed and see the live webinar for the whole show!


True or False with Rosie

Here’s a quick synopsis of Rosie’s true and false session with Rosie. Check the video to see the visual aids she used while discussing common questions about teaching English and how to pivot your career.

Q: I need a degree to be a TEFL teacher

A: False. You don’t need a degree to do a TEFL course or to teach online for either non-Chinese owned platforms or many other countries around the world.

Q: I can teach English even if I’m not native

A: True. You can be a TEFL teacher even if it isn’t your first language.

Q: I have to have a great understanding of grammar

A: False. You get grammar training on your TEFL course and we have a bonus 30-hour course specifically for grammar. We also have devised PDF resources to help you with the grammar side of things! Accents and fluency are more important than how many tenses there are in the English language.

Q I have no relevant skills for teaching so I can’t be an English teacher

A: False. You do have relevant skills, you just may not know it. In teaching, there are soft skills and transferable skills. If you’ve ever trained, coached or mentored somebody, then you already have some of those desirable teacher skills.

When it comes to more specialist skills like a lawyer or you’re in the medical field or even tourism, for example, you can take these skills and transfer them to teach English. the more specific you can situate yourself in the niche of English teaching. Specialist teaching is where you can earn a lot of money per hour, way exceeding what people would earn teaching general English.


3 Main Ways You Can Become an English Teacher

  1. The Scheduled Platform
  2. Join a freelance platform branding
  3. Go it Your own- free to set prices, define your own worth.


One of the main takeaways of this webinar is that you need a minimum of 120-hour training to become an English teacher. It’s the absolute minimum accepted. If you’ve decided that you want to pivot your career but want some additional teaching practice, our 300 Hour Hybrid Master TEFL Course course provides just that!

? Did you find these tips in pivoting your career helpful? What was the most important tip that stood out to you? Leave your comment below 🙂

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