Have you an interest in teaching English abroad? Of course you do! Well, be sure to take a look at this live webinar which was held in January 2021. World traveler, Will Davies, told us all about how his paid Premier TEFL internship in Vietnam helped him to get hired in South Korea.

The Endless Opportunities When You Teach English Abroad

2020 was a weird year, we know. Here at Premier TEFL, we also know you want to escape all of that in 2021. We know you miss the thrill of traveling. We know you miss the sun and the fun of old life, right? Which was why we invited our past student, Will, to advise you on how to make the most of this year.

The Welsh native discussed all the opportunities a paid Premier TEFL internship can offer you and that they do not stop at just a once off trip. Gaining the experience of teaching English abroad will open up a whole new world of other options to you. Will’s webinar gives an idea of what wonderful, exciting, life-changing experiences are in-store for you when you decide to teach English abroad. He also shared useful tips to help you get there!

The Wisdom Will Gained When Teaching English Abroad

When it comes to the benefits of teaching English abroad, Will always reaps whatever comes his way. The valuable skills that he learned whilst on his paid Premier TEFL internship in Vietnam has now helped him to secure another position in South Korea. Will has a very wise head on his shoulders thanks to all the knowledge he learned during his travels, so he certainly knows his stuff!

Like anyone else, Will was super scared before venturing out into his TEFL journey. It is natural to be nervous of the unknown. However, every minute of it has been so worth it. As he explains in his own words; “being uncomfortable and facing adversity is such an insignificantly short-term sacrifice for lasting and unparalleled personal development”! It has been inspirational watching Will transform from an anxious beginner into someone who loved their first trip so much; that they sought a second one. This is the sort of self growth that Premier TEFL strives to see in all of our interns. Therefore, we think Will is a great man to learn from.

Watch Will’s Webinar

We want every single, eager traveler to enjoy their experience just as much as Will has! So why not take advice from the man himself? Watch Will’s webinar and take note of all his top tips. See if your questions  about our courses and internships are answered in the webinar. And if not, always feel free to contact us! 

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