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Howdy, folks! We’re here today with Alice Fisher. Now, she may not be a household name yet, but she’s pretty famous in the Anglo TEFL/Premier TEFL world. Not only did she just rock our Anglo TEFL scholarship, she’s gearing up to teach English in India and China over the coming year through our paid internships programs ( ← yes, you read that right! Paid internship programs).

But enough chatter from our team. Let’s dive into those hard-hitting questions and insights that Alice has to share with all future, current, and past TEFL teachers.

1. What inspired you to go abroad?
I have always been interested in other cultures, and like getting out of my comfort zone.

2. You’ve had plenty of experience traveling — between studying Japanese and volunteering on a farm in Israel. What made you want to switch it up and get a TEFL certification?
I was inspired to teach English to others, because of my own experience learning Japanese. I still have much to learn, but my teachers made the process of learning a language enjoyable and varied.

Alice volunteered on a farm in Israel

3. Why did you choose the Anglo TEFL Scholarship?
I chose to go to Poland thanks to my Polish friend introducing me to the culture! Therefore I wanted to experience some of Poland for myself, whilst doing something different. I found the experience fulfilling and a lot of fun, this made me want to get further teaching experience.

4. What’s surprised you the most about the world of teaching English as a foreign language?
The kids are all really advanced, and their level of English surprised me. It made it easy to have a natural conversation with them, and it just didn’t feel like teaching. They are all eager to learn!

5. It sounds like you have quite the adventure ahead of you — completing a TEFL internship in India this fall before continuing your TEFL world sampler by heading to China. Tell us more about your goals for the coming year.
I intend to go to China after India, because my degree was in ‘East Asian Studies’ it would be nice to see a little bit of China, after studying the country! My hopes for the future are to teach English in Japan, and hopefully become fluent in Japanese!

6. What is your favourite part about your life as an ESL teacher?
Getting to know who you will be teaching! Teaching also gives you the opportunity to experience living as a local, I felt much more immersed in another culture and way of life, than if I had just gone on holiday.

7. Is there anything you wish you would have known before taking the leap to teach abroad?
You don’t have to worry about not having previous teaching experience, or being a grammar expert! If you are enthusiastic and enjoy meeting new people, you’ll have a fantastic time!

8. What has been the hardest part about teaching abroad?
The hardest part is just deciding where to go! There is such a range of destinations to choose from, and there is a program for everyone, whatever your budget or the amount of time you have.

9. What message would you like to leave individuals considering the Anglo TEFL Scholarship program?
The Anglo TEFL scholarship is a great stepping stone to doing other TEFL programs abroad, and it gives you a taster before leaping into doing a longer length course. You only need to give a week of your time so it’s really easy to fit into your working life or summer break. It is a brilliant opportunity to travel, and share your culture with others whilst learning about theirs.

Picture of Petra, Jordan
Petra, Jordan
Picture of Wroclaw, Poland
Old Town, Wroclaw












Thanks so much Alice! We wish you the best of luck in your upcoming endeavors and are already jealous of your amazing travels/understanding of verb tenses.

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