Thankfully, you don’t need a lot of money, materials or experience to be ready for a TEFL Internship. Other than completing an online course and becoming TEFL certified, you need to lay some groundwork to successfully partake in a internship abroad.

Travel With An Open Mind

It’s important to have an open mind before doing an Internship. If you have the right mindset, expect to gain valuable life lessons and have unique cultural experiences after you jet off to your chosen destination. An open mind also translates to a better teaching approach and excellent levels of communication with your eager students.

Tips for Unique Experiences

Know Your Motivation

Having the right motivation goes hand in hand with an open mind. If you are looking for one-of-a-kind, personal experiences then you will thoroughly enjoy your internship abroad.

Being driven by the ability to live comfortably and travel the world will stand to you, and if you’re looking to improve your CV, develop better interpersonal skills and foster your ability to work and adapt to new environments then you are guaranteed to succeed.

Discover Your Motivation

TEFL Internship

Challenge Yourself

If you seek a new challenge a TEFL internship could be just what you’re looking for. Often TEFL teachers are people who feel like they have plateaued in their career, or are young people looking to broaden their horizons before they enter the permanent workforce.

You can turn your TEFL internship into a permanent job if that’s something you would like, but if you want to challenge your independence, resourcefulness, and adaptability, an internship abroad is perfect.

Career-Changing Inspiration

TEFL Internship


Last and certainly not least, enjoy your time teaching English abroad. Life’s all about experiences and you won’t get much of a better one than this!

With the right motivation, attitude and desire to seek a new challenge, you’ll have no problem fitting in wherever you want to teach English. Once you’re TEFL certified, you’ll be qualified to teach and explore wherever you go!

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