It’s that time of year again where we showcase some of the favorite genuine Premier TEFL reviews of 2020. Obviously, we couldn’t make it happen without our AMAZING customers and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of these kind words. You can check out all of the most recent verified Premier TEFL reviews here.

Online TEFL Courses – Are they Really Worth it?

Making the decision about where to get your TEFL certificate largely comes down to the reviews of the company and how and where you want to use it. Do you want to teach abroad and hop from country to country? Or would you prefer to teach online remotely or from home? Do you see yourself teaching English long-term as a career opportunity? Or do you just see it as a side-gig to earn extra money? It’s important to consider how much time and money you have to invest in completing a TEFL course before choosing.

These might be some of the questions that you are asking yourself, and they are good questions. In this short article, we are going to share with you some reviews that explain why people chose Premier TEFL and also why reviews are so important to us.

Why Reviews are Important to us

We are invested in maintaining an honest reputation. Reviews prove we are a real, genuine, trustworthy business. Having a good reputation is important because it helps distinguish us from other training providers. It can even be the deciding factor in whether someone chooses us… around 35% of our customers say they picked Premier TEFL because of our online reviews.

Today online reviews are one of the biggest sources of consumer trust, validation and feedback. That’s why customer reviews are so important to us here at Premier TEFL as it helps us to know that we are continually providing a great service, and also highlights opportunities to improve. People shop around to compare prices and quality, you want to make sure that you are getting bang for your buck. Reviews are not only important to us but to you too!

Trust Premier TEFL

When people enroll with Premier TEFL for English teacher training it is mainly because they feel confident and trust what we do and how we do it. Trust is a huge factor that we always consider when providing our internationally recognized TEFL courses. That’s why we gain external accreditation from organizations like Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) and offer English government regulated training, with qualifications administered by Ofqual. It’s your ticket to being able to work all over the world.

-/+ Reviews

Whether or not a customer leaves a negative or positive review, it has a quick way of spreading. Our team reads all reviews of Premier TEFL daily. There’s no review that goes unread, or not replied to. We celebrate the positivity and kind words in so many of our five star reviews. And, we work hard to make customers happy when they report an experience that hasn’t met their expectations.

Take the Test!

Take the first step and see if learning to teach English with Premier TEFL is for you, Take the Test! Answer 11 short questions and it will help you make the right choice of TEFL course. By studying a Premier TEFL course, you will also benefit from flexible learning. This makes it one of the best online learning experiences. As a bonus, having a qualified personal tutor to support you throughout the course is reassuring.

We love to see the ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews and want to thank everyone who has enjoyed their experience with us! Let’s look at the run-down of the best verified Premier TEFL reviews of 2020 (so far).

Pelin’s 5-star 290 Hour Level 5 TEFL Course Review

First up is Pelin, who has completed the 290 Hour Regulated Level 5 course (CLOSED). She was thrilled with how affordable the price of the course was compared to other companies. And, we are too because we’re known for not over-charging. Our goal is to allow you to get qualified quickly and cheaply so that you can get on with the good stuff…teaching English and starting a new career. Pelin also mentions Premier TEFL is the best company to get qualified with as you will get access top-paying TEFL jobs.

Pelin review

“Recently, I have completed the 290 hrs Level 5 course in which you specialize in Business English, IELTS, Teaching young learners, and TOEIC. Premier TEFL is the best company if you want to get qualified and hired by top-paying jobs. It is quite affordable compared to other companies as well. The modules are easy to follow and cover sufficient resources to provide the required knowledge to obtain your TEFL certificate. I would definitely recommend Premier TEFL with their amazing staff who are always happy to help you throughout the course!” – Pelin

Nichole’s 5-star 168 Hour Ofqual Regulated Level 5 TEFL Course Review

Nichole has nearly completed the 168 Hour Ofqual Regulated Level 5 TEFL Course and is enjoying her studies. She is delighted with the confidence that she has gained during this course and how quick and efficient our team is with responses to questions. Do you have any questions? We would love to chat with you! 

Nichole review

“I’ve almost completed my 168 hr TEFL course and it has been so enjoyable. The material is thorough and moving through the course is giving me the confidence that I’ll be an effective teacher once completed. I only had one question while working through the modules and was able to get a response from the tutor in a timely manner.” – Nichole Arel

Mark’s Review on Completing Multiple Courses with Premier TEFL

Mark was impressed with the in-depth course material, especially the downloadable ebooks, and he was very grateful for the staff that guided him through the 120-hour Advanced TEFL Course. Mark has added to his teaching credentials since completing the 120-hour course. He has also completed the 30-hour TEFL-Pro course in Online English Teaching and is now completing the Level 5 Ofqual regulated TEFL Course. He was thrilled with how accessible the dashboard is.

Mark review

“From the start, I have great support from the staff who respond in a prompt, professional, and supportive way. The dashboard is easy to navigate and understand. The course materials are amazing and very in-depth. Downloadable e-books of the highest quality and content. Online videos are excellent, entertaining, and inspiring to work abroad. I did the 120-hour course, the webinar on online teaching and now doing the L5 and every question or query has been answered satisfactorily and promptly. I highly recommend this company, apart from being professional they take a fun approach and this comes across with the staff, they have given me so much. Thank you, Premier TEFL.” – Mark Haynes-Kershaw

Nick was Pleased with 168-Hour TEFL Course and with the Price

Nick found the journey of his 168-hour Level 5 TEFL course worth all the money. He also found the content and material that is provided meets a very high standard, which leads Nick to leave a fantastic 5-star review!

Nick review

“Premier TEFL is an outstanding program. The quality of the 168-Hour TEFL Course is worth the price. As a UCLA graduate, I can confirm that the material meets a high standard. Quality education isn’t something you can find anywhere, especially online. But Premier TEFL is the way to go! Premier TEFL is an amazing choice for an online TEFL certification and it’s Ofqual regulated. The support staff is amazing. Polite, professional, and informative. I would recommend this program to all of my friends interested in TEFL certification.” – Nick M

Sandra’s Amazing Review on 120-Hour Advanced Course

Sandra is very happy about her purchase and completion of the 120-hour Advanced TEFL Course. Sandra strongly recommends Premier TEFL, if it’s a career in online teaching you want to pursue as our courses are preferred by so many of the online English teaching platforms.

Sandra review

“This was an amazing course, very expertly put together, with a wealth of information. I strongly recommend choosing Premier TEFL’s 120-hour course if you’d like to pursue a career in online English teaching, as they are accredited with most of the companies.”- Sandra Buckingham

Julia’s 5-star 10 Hour Virtual Day TEFL Course Review

Julia took part in our virtual Teacher Studio sessions that include teaching practice. This class is loved by participants because of the confidence-building activities that will help you move from course to classroom as a qualified TEFL teacher. Since taking the virtual teaching practice sessions, Julia has booked further study on our short TEFL-Pro courses.

Julia review - Premier TEFL reviews

“I did the virtual advanced methodologies course 10 hours over zoom. I’m so glad I did!! Michelle (tutor) was wonderfully engaging, approachable, knowledgeable, really likable, and made me feel comfortable. I learned a lot of good, valuable information about the different exercises and methods you can give students in lessons and I got to practice lesson planning and teaching over zoom which I really enjoyed and felt was *really* valuable. We also went over grammar as well. I enjoyed doing the course with such a lovely group of classmates. Since doing this course I have since signed up for more specialist courses as I feel the courses by Premier TEFL provide really useful and valuable information, that I will be able to use in practice. Thank you :)” Julia Garcia

Michael’s Brilliant Review on Boosting his Confidence

Michael changed his attitude from can’t do to CAN DO after doing his course with Premier TEFL. He was surprised by how quickly his teaching skills grew and is excited to put all of this teacher training into practice.

Michael review- Premier TEFL reviews

“I felt my confidence rise throughout the day. Whether you’re a new or experienced presenter there was something new. I would recommend this course as I had a ‘can’t do’ attitude beforehand, but now I want to develop the skills I’ve learned today and see how much I can develop as a teacher. I would recommend the course as it provides good learning. Premier TEFL has some valuable experiences and learning – thank you.” Michael Lausen

Premier TEFL review

Now you are up to date with all of the latest 5-star genuine reviews of Premier TEFL 2020. Why not take a look at the regulated TEFL courses and teaching internships that we offer and join our many thousands of happy graduates.

What are you waiting for? Get TEFL certified and liberate your life and career. It really will be one of the best investments you ever make. If you still have some questions and want to know the ins and outs of what it is like to teach English online, then check out our most commonly asked questions here or speak with a friendly advisor – book a call.


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