Meet Abbey, a busy 22-year-old TEFL teacher living in France. She first looked into EFL teaching and obtained her TEFL certificate in April 2020 when Covid brought her back to Australia. Having lived in Italy, traveled much of Europe, and been backpacking in South East Asia, Abbey is a self-confessed travel addict (to say the least). Abbey did a takeover on Thursday, March 25th on our Instagram.


Abbey was looking for a career that allowed her to work from anywhere in the world and that’s when she started online EFL teaching. Now Abbey is in France, eating delicious food, adventuring in the Alps, enjoying the gorgeous scenery, and EFL teaching to her wonderful online students. She was here to help you do the same on Thursday, March 25th on Instagram!

“It has been the best decision I have made. Being location independent allowed me to move to France, continue my law studies all while having a career I love.” – Abbey

EFL teaching France
Montage of Abbey’s Travel and TEFL photographs

We hope we saw you on Instagram on March 25th!

“Natalie! You started in Australia and now you’re in Japan. Wow! Can you tell us about your path to wanting to teach English in Japan?

While many people choose EFL teaching for travel and adventure, my story is the opposite. I had spent the last three years of my life traveling the world in a glamorous and well-paying job. I worked in Pacific Island nations including Australia, Fiji, Vanuatu, and Kiribati. It was a dream come true until it wasn’t. I started to feel lonely, isolated, and tired living in hotels and out of a suitcase. I had left behind my friends, family, and hobbies for my career. Whilst it had its perks, I was starting to feel stressed and unhappy. While on assignment, I met my future husband, a Japanese citizen working overseas. After dating for almost two years, we decided to move to Japan. I was ready for a sea change and my next big adventure – this time, to teach English in Japan.

Keep reading about Natalie’s experience moving to Japan for EFL teaching.

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