Join Teacher Kid Canada in our to find out how he fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming his own boss, how teaching online has changed his life, and how to be a freelance success.

Questions that we have lined up to ask Teacher Kid Canada

1) How were you able to go solo and how long did it take?

2) What was the most difficult part of becoming an independent online English teacher?

3) What do you enjoy most now that you have gone private?

4) What are the biggest challenges that most will face when attempting to go solo?

5) Are there any tips that you can give others who are making the transition from being employed as a contractor to going solo?

6) Why are so many wanting to become an independent online English teacher these days?

7) Do you provide any coaching to help others to do what you’ve done?

Make sure to join Teacher Kid Canada on the 12th of November to learn all about being your own boss when teaching English online and how to be a freelance success. Get a reminder when we go live?

What is Teacher Kid Canada going to cover:

  • Why being your own boss is the best job ever!
  • Benefits of being your own boss for all TEFLers that want to follow in my footsteps
  • What to do when setting up your own online company
  • How I became an online teacher
  • Do you want to be a freelance success?
  • FAQ about online teaching, benefits, and drawbacks

Do you want to be an Online English Teacher?

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss? or teaching English online? Start your journey today and get TEFL certified.

Getting your TEFL certification is great! It can open your eyes to many job opportunities globally. You can earn money by teaching all different age groups while traveling the world. Tune in to our upcoming webinar with Teacher Kid Canada and he will tell you all about it.

Being your own boss is an amazing job and has lots of unexpected perks. Being able to set your own hours and making plenty of room for your social life is something many people can’t do. What’s better than being able to enjoy the comforts of your own home, saving money on transport, and the unlimited cups of coffee. Have you ever wanted to wake up and just roll into work? Well, you can if you become an online English teacher.

Learn more about teaching English online on November 12th at 2 pm UK/4 pm South Africa/9 am New York.

We’ll see you there!

Teacher Kid Canada live webinar


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