Accredited TEFL courses can allow you to easily teach English overseas. Teaching English abroad is not just an opportunity to work but the chance to truly immerse yourself in a new culture, explore foreign landscapes and experience a different way of life.  Surely, you will find no better way of exploring a modern city like Singapore, with a tropical climate, great food, good shopping and a fantastic night-life, than by living and working there. Singapore is known as one of the world’s cleanest, safest cities. It boasts with a rich cultural mixture of Chinese, Malay, and Western influences. The Asian city-state has a very high demand for English teachers. If you are looking to live in a place with both tropical weather and first-class architecture, Singapore is one of the best choices in Asia. They offer well-paid teaching jobs and a great lifestyle, whether you are looking to enjoy the city life or explore the beaten path.

If you hold a TEFL qualification, you can work in public or foreign schools, universities or language institutions. Since the official language in the island country is English and most of the population is made of expats, there is a high demand for qualified native English teachers. In most cases you will need a TEFL qualification, some teaching experience and a bachelor’s degree to get a TEFL job in Singapore.

TEFL Jobs in Singapore

You can find teaching jobs in Singapore all year around. You will usually go through the fundamental steps of the recruitment process, such as an online application, or simply sending your CV via email, and a telephone interview. To work for a public school, your qualifications need to be approved by the Minister of Education. In terms of work permits or a working visa, as soon as you secured a job offer, your employer can help with all the documentation.

You can choose from the various options available for teaching English as a foreign language in Singapore. Other than teaching in public, international schools and universities, you can also take up a teaching job at language academies. To able to get a job as an English teacher, you need to be a native English speaker and have a certificate from one of the accredited TEFL courses.

If you want to teach English as a foreign language in international schools, you will need a university degree in English Language or Literature and sometimes a post-graduate diploma in education. The average teaching hours per week will be around 20–25 hours of classroom plus extra preparation time.

Living in Singapore and Teaching English as a Foreign Language

The cost of living in Singapore is steadily rising, especially due to high rental prices. The average cost of living per month can be around $2,100 to 2,500 USD. Grocery shopping is affordable and the transportation system is also fairly inexpensive, and most importantly punctual and reliable.

The good thing about salary packages for teachers in Singapore is that it includes relocation allowance and airfare. However, housing is usually not included. Apartments are small , modern and air conditioned due to the tropical weather. The start up cost would be around $2,100 to $2,500. Your average monthly salary would range from $2,400 to $3,000. With a pay like that, you can easily afford a comfortable lifestyle, with the possibility to save up to $500 per month above the cost of living.

One of the best reasons to teach English in Singapore is the various things you could do in your time off. Singapore consists of 63 islands, so you have plenty of beaches to explore. Trips to neighboring Southeast Asian countries are also extremely convenient.

10 Best Things to Do in Singapore

To give you a glimpse of how much more you get from accredited TEFL courses than the teaching certificate, here is a list of 10 best things to do in Singapore. If you get qualified and find your ideal teaching job in the high-tech city, the sky is your limit.

  1. Enjoy an adventure on the wild side at a Night Safari
  2. Have a night off in Marina Bay Sands – the Asian version of Las Vegas
  3. Are you an Avatar fan? – visit the 101-hectare of exotic lands at Gardens by the Bay
  4. Relax at Singapore Riverside – warm weather, cocktails and city life
  5. Shop at the Arab Quarter
  6. Visit one of the world’s finest Zoos – the Singapore Zoo (go on a weekday to avoid the ques)
  7. Visit Singapore’s Chinatown – and try some of the best Chinese restaurants
  8. Enjoy the best Asian food at the food markets
  9. Take a stroll on the 74- hectare of natural greenery at Botanic Gardens
  10. Admire the neoclassical buildings at the Colonial District (a British imprint on Singapore)

Accredited TEFL courses can truly become your free ticket to Singapore. If you want to travel and gain teaching experience in one of the most developed cities in Asia, start working towards your dream today.

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