Greece combines both the charms of ancient ruins and tradition with the perks of modern age. Whether you envisage yourself soaking up serenity  in a peaceful small town or crave the buzz of a thriving metropolis; Greece caters for all .

Even taking the the economic problems of the last few years that Greece had to endure, people are still moving to Greece. The sheer beauty of the country, the relaxing lifestyle, the Mediterranean climate and food are a few factors as to what allure people to this idealistic country.

TEFL industry in Greece

The  TEFL industry  in Greece is huge at the moment due to a number of factors. One is that it is compulsory for all kids aged six to sixteen to learn English, they learn it as  part of their school curriculum. Also, like with their European counterparts, Greek employers are starting to favor those with a higher level of English fluency.

Where to teach?


The ancient city dating back 3400 years has certainly transformed into a sprawling metropolis, it is undoubtedly part of the modern era while still proudly displaying its ancient Greek heritage. It boasts two UNESCO World Heritage sites and numerous other attractions, so you will never be short of an adventure in the Greek capital.


If teaching on an island rather than mainland appeals to you, then maybe Heraklion is for you. It is the largest city on the island of Crete, and also the main port. Its one of the busiest tourist spots in Greece as hundreds of thousands flock to the neighbouring islands, it is the ferry port in Heraklion that facilitates that, therefore it is in the heart of Greeces tourism industry and as a result, there is a steady demand for TEFL jobs.

Wages and Cost of living

Teachers can expect to earn between €450-€750 a month teaching English in Greece, with the more experienced teachers earning at the higher end of the scale and also the wages are higher if you teach in a private school. The cost of living is relatively high, but it is possible to get by on your salary. It is important to remember that the major cities will be more expensive in terms of living expenses and rent.

How to find teaching jobs in Greece

The first step on your Greek adventure is getting qualified. You can find a premium accredited TEFL course from Premier TEFL here. There are many institutions you can look for, if its a traditional teaching environment your looking for then you can teach in a a school, the academic year runs from September until June. If you fancy living a more extravagant  lifestyle than maybe you should look at doing private tuition which will earn you a higher salary.

So, if you want to take the Greek philosophy on board  and  “work to live rather than live to work” than a TEFL job in Greece is for you. With a love of good food, good friends and a good time, maybe its time you brush up on the Greek alphabet and take the plunge into the Greek culture! To find out about TEFL jobs in Greece, click here.


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