Don’t just teach abroad—teach abroad in great places! Here’s our roundup of THE go-to best destinations for teaching abroad. North, south, east, west—we’ve got the globe covered. All that’s missing? YOU.


Argentina is a historical powerhouse kicking with new life. From colorful barrios and tango at pop up milongas to understated art galleries and food culture, this unique multi-ethnic center is heaving with culture. While teaching abroad in Argentina, teachers can expect heated fútbol matches and debates, classical concerts, and yes, giant steaks. There are even incredible adventures for ESL teachers that double as bookworms (have you heard of the El Ateneo Grand Splendid?!). No wonder Argentina is a top contender for the best countries to teach English!

Recommended program:

3-12 Month Paid TEFL Internship in Argentina


Teaching abroad in one of the most sensational tourist capitals of the world? Heck yeah! But don’t let the resort town vibe of Brazil’s popular destinations fool you. For ESL teachers in Brazil, there’s a whole world to be discovered that is more than scantily-clad beach goers and colorful samba performers. Beneath neo-gothic Cathedrals and vibrant skyscrapers—or mountains that double as Sugarloaves—teaching in this up-and-coming country is a win-win. Feel good about the work you’re doing while experiencing one of the coolest countries Latin America has to offer. If rushing waterfalls, festive nights out, and days spent shaping the minds of the future appeals to you, then teach abroad in Brazil!


As a prospective ESL teacher abroad, you might have heard that Cambodia is known for its long stretches of lovely beaches (that are 100x less touristy than its neighbors’), famous temple architecture complexes, and religious sites (Angkor Wat is the 8th wonder of the world!). Well, you weren’t wrong! Yes—the beaches are amazing, the history unique, and the food fantastic. The best part? You can experience it all as you teach abroad in Cambodia. But don’t be fooled. Teaching ESL in Cambodia won’t be a cakewalk, and it may very well be one of the most challenging experiences of your life. However, it will also be one of the most defining and rewarding—assuming you don’t eat the beetles!

Recommended program:

3-Month Paid TEFL Internship in Phnom Penh


There’s culture. There’s empanadas. There’s thousands of miles of coast. There’s Patagonia (the wilder, more untouched side). Need we say more?! Join thousands of ESL teachers and teach English in Chile, where the government’s support of your career is nearly as strong as the Mote con Huesillo—the locals’ favorite cocktail.


Dotted with thousands of temples and over 50 ethnic groups, teaching in China is unlike anywhere you’ve ever been before. Trek through bamboo forests or drift down the Yangtze River amidst thatched rooftop towns. Post up in a traditional teahouse or on a park bench near your school grounds and watch locals pass by. There’s a woman in her qipao, a guy on his smart phone, two young girls holding hands in their school uniforms. This is China—an exotic mixing of old and new, past and present. Teaching abroad in China offers something for every type of teacher.

By the way… XiaoChi’s. Know them. Love them. These locally-owned corner restaurant/snack shops live up to the hype. Check one out after a long day teaching abroad with hyper students, and then grab some chocolate fish from the street food stall on your way home to top it off.


Teaching abroad in Colombia shouts fiesta, but stay focused! You’re looking at year-round, picture-perfect weather in Colombia’s highlands, where you can walk the same streets as conquistadors and pirates from a bygone era. Find your rhythm in a land famous for it! If you’re worried about lesson planning all night (it can be hard to break the habit of late night study sessions), you can relax a bit—Colombian coffee is revered as some of the best in the world, so your procrastination will undoubtedly feel a bit more refined.

Recommended Program

6 Months Paid Internship in Colombia


Finally get those chakras aligned and consider teaching abroad in India! While teaching here, your life will be sweeter than the chai with which you start each day—complete with yoga by sunrise and spice markets by sunset. Don’t worry, there will be tons of meaningful work and lesson planning in between all of your jasmine-fragranced adventures.


Before talk of vampires and the Black Sea make you turn the other way and run, hold on a sec, hear us out! România is one of Europe’s best kept secrets, and you’ll be delighted as you peel back the many layers of what makes this country great. From black bears to incredible architecture to some of the best hikes you can find on the continent, sign up to teach here to learn what this magical (and yes, dark!) country is all about.

Recommended program:

4-6 Weeks Paid TEFL Internship in Romania

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Spain’s reputation as an ESL teaching destination precedes it for good reason—it’s a truly remarkable location. The students are motivated, the weather divine, the topography stunning. The daily naps . No matter how much time you spend working here, you will leave feeling both fulfilled and bewildered, and with a trove of stories to tell. Choosing to teach abroad in Spain will leave you singing like the canaries on the islands nearby. Or with a deep hankering for daily churros. Or both.

Recommended program:

9 Month Paid TEFL Internship in Spain

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Taiwan is a country that basks in both sun and a fascinating history. The standard of living and quality of ESL teaching packages on the Isla Formosaset a pretty high bar for other places vying to be the best countries to teach English. In addition to a unique history and important foothold in modern society, the island boasts baseball, dumplings, and cool, modern-yet-traditional architecture (just Google “Taipei 101”—we’ll wait!). This dynamic and oft-underrated tropical paradise truly has something to offer every ESL teacher. Grab your calligraphy brush (those traditional characters don’t mess!) and consider becoming a 老师 lăoshī (teacher) yourself. Teach abroad in Taiwan!

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Rugged coastline, blossoming flora, waves of cerulean, sunshine and cheerfulness that just won’t quit—welcome to the Land of Smiles, your dream destination for working abroad. Many people will tell you that the lifestyle for ESL teachers in Thailand seems to be a contradiction—it has all the fast-paced qualities of a major metropolitan area, but also emulates an unmistakable beachy, laid-back attitude. It’s the perfect destination for teachers who work hard, play hard… or for those who don’t scoff at spicy food / can drink their body weight in fresh coconut water. Book your flights to Bangkok to work in one of the best countries to teach English.

Recommended program:

4 Month Paid TEFL Internship in Thailand

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Untouched landscapes, a unique mixture of Oriental and French colonial architecture, and a relaxed, yet exciting vibe make teaching abroad in Vietnam an experience to behold. Use your noodle to craft top-notch lessons for your students, then pig out on noodles until sundown (there are over a dozen different types to try before you head back home). Doesn’t sound like a bad life to us either. See you there?

Recommended program:

4.5 Month Paid TEFL Internship in Vietnam

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