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We’re different… Together with our team of academic experts we’ll prepare you to teach English with practical and accredited courses. Then you can enjoy lifetime, personal support in your exciting new TEFL career. Not only that, through our network of global employers you’ll discover hundreds of job opportunities. Our Level 5 Ofqual regulated TEFL courses guarantee you the highest standard of teacher training which means you’ll get the best paid jobs.

Shop around and you’ll find that we provide the EXACT level of regulated qualifications as many other TEFL providers. We just do it for less money – often 50% less. We also offer a no-quibble refund if you decide that TEFL isn’t for you. Join the 54,000 certified teachers from 89 countries who have taken the leap with us.

Verified Premier TEFL Reviews

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I loved my course with Kyle/Premier -- very knowledgable and consistent teacher. He has perfect diction and he is very patient. I am excited to dive in to my courses. Thank you 🤓
Dawn T.
Dawn T.
18:05 06 Dec 20
Hello, My name is Moh Moh. I am from Myanmar. I am a primary teacher. So I want to be a good teacher in English subject. And I would like to teach English to other people at online. But I don't know how to prepare for lessons. One day I saw this page that it shared by my teacher. I was interested. So I joined TEO course ( 60 hours). Now I have been studying lessons at Premier TEFL.
The lessons are clear and understanding easily for me. If you would like to be a good English teacher, you just join now this Premier TEFL. I suggest you do it!
Moh M.
Moh M.
10:00 23 Nov 20
The 10 hour virtual teaching practice course was well worth it's value! I learned various ways to introduce teaching English to foreign learners. Michelle Benson, my tutor, was extremely helpful and caring and she was clear in any instructions she gave. Michelle's teaching method was very effective. Every aspect of the course was brilliantly handled. It was really easy to follow, interactive, and also easy to understand. I'm extremely excited to use this qualification and I believe I have developed personally and professionally by taking part in this course. I will definitely be furthering my learning with Premier TEFL. I would recommend for anyone considering taking a TEFL course to choose Premier TEFL.
Niamh F.
Niamh F.
16:51 18 Nov 20
My name is Nathaniel Lee Simpson, Sr. I really love working with Premier TEFL, they helped me earn a 120 TEFL which landed me a full-time job working abroad, I am still working and was afforded so many other opportunities and relationships. If you are thinking about going through the program at Premier, I suggest you do it! 😊😊😊
Metroiddad S.
Metroiddad S.
15:17 23 Oct 20
Great experience and a great company.
Mickey R.
Mickey R.
14:02 02 Jun 20
I'm enjoying your course and content. Even as a seasoned ESL teacher and culture trainer, I get to learn a lot of new things that I can apply to my programs. I appreciate this learning experience.
Jennifer K.
Jennifer K.
15:57 28 Apr 20
The best I did 3 certificates with them and have two teaching jobs on line at the moment, with a great income.
I would like to share my experience, when I applied and sent my certificates they were approved immediatley! I heard other people were waiting weeks, some a month and were still not approved.
So I was already teaching and making a good living from my jobs and they were still waiting.
Recently there was a letter from one of the schools saying,not all TEFL certificates would be accepted i.e the cheap ones that take 2 days to complete.
This is just my experience so an extra reason to recommend PREMIER TEFL.
Thank you.
Tracey H.
Tracey H.
16:23 15 Apr 20
Yes I do, I think it's very important to help people learn.
Julio E. R.
Julio E. R.
19:27 13 Apr 20

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