Premier TEFL: The Lean Machine 💪 - Premier TEFL

Premier TEFL: The Lean Machine 💪

Premier TEFL had a very proud moment last week; recognising our commitment business excellence. Chosen as one of just three Irish businesses, our Managing Director Rosie Mansfield was invited to tell our case study story at the Lean Thinking Enterprise Excellence conference in Croke Park, Dublin.

“You don’t need to worry about how big the challenge is; just focus on the solutions and you’ll head for success.” – Rosie Mansfield

A beautiful dinner was laid out in the dining hall of the prestigious Trinity College Dublin where Rosie got some of the delicious salmon mousse on her sparkly dress, but that’s beside the point. Premier TEFL usually hits the mark!

We, at Premier TEFL, strive to uphold the five pillars of lean business thinking in the office.

  • Leadership
  • Practice
  • Education, Training & Development
  • Research
  • Engagement

We want to be as accessible as possible for our teachers and deliver the most comprehensive TEFL courses and paid internships in the most amazing countries. All the while, being efficient and clever about our operations.

L-R Rosie Mansfield Premier TEFL, Senan Ryan IDA, Alessandro Leverano Fiat Chrysler Group

Our trainee English teachers come from all over the world so it is important for us to have consistent communication and engagement with them, no matter what the timezone.

Understanding and implementing the principles of lean business thinking allows us to focus on customer value, their experience and journey with us as well as how we, as an organisation, perform our daily responsibilities.

Rosie Mansfield addressing the delegates at Croke Park, Dublin

We’ll continue to question

  • What are we doing?
  • How are we doing it?
  • How can we do it better?

Team Premier TEFL won’t cut corners when it comes to providing you with the best service and providing you with the best courses, our new level 5 government regulated TEFL course is a testament to how much we care about your professional development.

L-R Mairead O’Donnell Polar Ice Tech, Joe Burke South Cork LEO, Rosie Mansfield Premier TEFL

These are only some of the reasons Rosie was chosen to speak at this international conference, as an ESL industry leader we value your time and commitment to entering the TEFL world.  

Embarking on a TEFL career is one of the most exciting life decisions you can make and we love every minute of the being there for you along the way.