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Teach English As A Foreign Language in Chile – Where and How

You can teach English as a foreign language in Chile and enjoy traveling and earning at the same time. Chile is a perfect blend of natural and cultural beauty, with mountains, beautiful sea sides and even deserts. There is never a shortage of new places to see or things to do. Since the country is seeing a fast economic development, there is an increasing demand for English language skills, and many schools are keen to employ TEFL teachers.

As a newbie to teaching English, you might not feel confident enough to go it alone – and that’s Okay! Fully organized paid placements in Chile (including TEFL training) are only a click away.

Where to Teach English In Chile

The capital city of Santiago is the best place to settle down as an English teacher in Chile. The jobs available here are promising, offer long-term contracts and pay better than anywhere in the country. Chile is looking for competitive teachers in almost all sectors, from public schools or private academies to business training. Although you can easily find teaching jobs in Chile online, most employers would expect you to be in the country for interviews.

Teaching English in Private Language Academies

  • Offer the highest demand for overseas English teachers
  • Offer opportunity to teach business professionals through in-company training (at higher rates)
  • Offer opportunity to teach advanced English lessons for test preparation such as IETLS
  • Offer plenty of job opportunity in the capital of Santiago
  • Offer flexible hours (mostly in the evenings and weekends)

Teaching English as a Volunteer

The government of Chile has started a voluntary program where you can live with local families and teach English to under privileged children

  • Offer housing with a local family (the best to way immerse yourself in the real Chile)
  • Small salary provided (usually to cover some trips or miscellaneous costs)
  • Volunteer placements usually last between 6 months to 1 year

Teaching English as a Private Tutor

Since it is fairly difficult to find a full-time teaching job in Chile right way, you are probably going to find an opportunity to teach English as a private tutor. If you want to earn a full-time salary, this might not be the best option to start with, unless you have a lot of contacts in the country. However, if you work for a language academy or public school, it will be easier to find students or business people looking to improve their conversational English. Do be aware that some schools prohibit teaching privately to their students, so read your contract carefully.

How To Find Teaching Jobs In Chile


The first step in getting a job in Chile is to become qualified. Most institutions ask for a TEFL certificate from one of the accredited TEFL courses. This teaches you everything you need to know about teaching English as a foreign language and helps you to open doors for better paid TEFL jobs. Some institutions, such as universities, might also want a bachelor’s degree, so do check that in advance to make sure you have all the required qualifications.

As soon as you secure a job, you can obtain a working visa for your contract – called ‘visa sujeto a contracto’. Your employer will help you to get this visa. UK citizens have to pay up to $1000 to obtain this visa, and prices for other nationalities vary. US citizens can obtain the ‘visa sujeto a contracto’ free of charge.

What To Expect When You Teach English As A Foreign Language In Chile

Now that you’ve learned the basics of where to work in Chile and how to find a job, you probably want to know what to expect. To start with, Chile is a beautiful country, with a growing economy and a lot of things to do for any enthusiastic traveler. Here are some things to consider doing:

  • Go skiing in the mountains around Santiago
  • Visit the breathtaking Elqui Valley (north of Santiago) and gaze at the starts or admire penguins
  • Go hiking or rafting in the Lake District
  • Go on a challenging multi-day hike on the Tierra del Fuego
  • Explore the Atacama, the highest and driest desert in the world

There is never a shortage of things to do, as the country is a geographical paradise, with mountains, seasides, deserts, and volcanic areas. Whilst you teach English as a foreign language in Chile, you can also pick up some Spanish language skills on the go.

How to Manage Expenses in Chile

You can easily afford a comfortable life in Chile on an English teacher’s salary. If you want to save extra money it is advisable to share accommodation with other teachers and try cooking your own food because groceries are cheaper than eating out.

Chile is a good travel choice for anybody who loves being outdoors. From trekking in cold mountains to exploring hot northern deserts, this country has so much variety to offer. It is also a true South American country at its core, and you will find the locals in love with their Latin culture and excited to share it with you. If you are up for the adventure, get a TEFL certificate and find an amazing job to teaching English as a foreign language in Chile.