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What if I wasn’t qualified in a TEFL course?

What if I wasn’t qualified in a TEFL course?

Some of you may be exploring our site and wondering to yourselves “I don’t need to do any of these courses, I’m perfectly qualified to teach English myself; after all I am speaking it right now!” I am afraid I have some bad news for you…

No one will accept you for teaching

No school which wants to be taken seriously will ever accept someone to teach on their behalf who doesn’t have some qualification in TEFL. Students and the parents of students want to know that they are getting the best learning environment possible for themselves or their children, and so they will be unwilling to allow someone who is unqualified to teach. In turn schools don’t want teachers who can’t do their job either. Having a qualification from Premier TEFL says you have one of the best qualifications for teaching English throughout the world.

You will be nowhere near mentally prepared enough for the job.

Part of the process of completing a TEFL course with us is learning how to prepare and handle yourself in a classroom environment. The ability to teach English is important but not the only thing required of a teacher in today’s English education sector. You have to prove your competence in preparing yourself as well as your students. A class can turn into a nightmare without a proper lesson plan, or without a proper plan about long term teaching goals. It’s easy to forget when you aren’t teaching right now but standing up in front of a class can be nerve-wracking for those who aren’t prepared. A Premier TEFL course helps you to learn what is expected of you in teaching your students a new language and how you might go about it..

You will not be skilled enough to actually teach anything.

As many people eventually find out, theory is often very different from practice and saying you can teach English is very different from actually teaching it. In fact if you are a native speaker you may find the job even more difficult as you learned through natural absorption and repetition instead of learning the language in a classroom environment like your students will want to do. If you can’t help teach your students how to use proper tenses, proper grammar or even just plain old good spelling, then you are not very well prepared for teaching English as a foreign language. While you may not be sure on how all of these work exactly at the start, our courses can help you prepare yourself for any occasion in the teaching world.

You will be lacking in confidence and unwilling to commit to the job.
Taking up the challenge of completing a course in TEFL is a good indicator of whether you will become a teacher or not. Teaching is a rewarding but very challenging job at times. Anyone can become a teacher to some extent but you are showing a level of commitment by applying for and completing your course with Premier TEFL. That’s not to say if you do not complete the course at first then you can never retry it, as we always encourage those who take a course to go the extra distance and complete it to the best of their ability no matter how long it takes. Finding the courage to take up teaching English is the first step and there are always levels of commitment you will reach as you gain more experience through learning. What’s more, we have plenty of variety when it comes to course options that will surely suit your needs.

You will be missing out on a lot of the fun.

We here at Premier TEFL are very proud of what we have created: a comprehensive, accredited and structured course that helps you to reach your potential in the TEFL market. What’s more taking up the challenge is a very rewarding experience as you gain the proof that you can commit to something and achieve your goals. Teaching abroad is an experience in itself and you would be missing out on a lot if you never take the first step through doing your accredited TEFL course.

So really, there is no reason not to begin your PremierTEFL course today!

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